What's Next for the Quantum Computing Market?

Quantum computing technology continues to advance, with multiple governments worldwide investing billions of dollars in quantum national strategies. While the industry remains in the early stage, there are ongoing shifts towards greater scale and more sophisticated commercialisation efforts, with many players now generating significant revenue. Overall, IDTechEx forecasts will reach over US$800 million by 2034 with CAGR 30%. In this webinar, IDTechEx unpacks what to expect from the industry in the near term and how this is related to the long-term promise of large-scale fault-tolerant machines.
Key aspects covered in this webinar include:
  • What is quantum computing, and what is the state of the industry?
  • How has the industry changed in the last 12 months?
  • How do scalability challenges vary between quantum computing modalities?
  • Which trends can be expected in the quantum computing market in 2024 and beyond?
  • When are some key inflection points anticipated for commercial value creation?
More details and twenty-year market forecasts can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive report "Quantum Computing Market 2024-2044: Technology, Trends, Players, Forecasts". This includes individual forecast lines for eight different technology categories including superconducting, photonic, trapped-ion, neutral atom, silicon spin, topological, diamond defect, and annealers. There are also 60-year projections covering meta-trends for quantum computer adoption, going beyond the horizon of a realised versatile computer and looking ahead to wider market adoption.