Dr Matthew Dyson Technology Analyst

Matthew is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Joining in 2020, he specialises in printed/organic/flexible electronics. This broad topic spans from displays to sensors and from flexible integrated circuits to photovoltaics. Matthew has previously been involved in research across a wide range of printed electronics topics, publishing multiple scientific papers in well-respected journals (including Nature Communications, Advanced Optical Materials and Angewandte Chemie), and presenting his work in a variety of international conferences. As such he has a comprehensive understanding across the printed/organic/flexible electronics field. Matthew visits and interviews companies in the flexible electronics space around the world, publishing his findings and opinions (along with technical summaries) on the IDTechEx portal and in reports. He is based in Cambridge, UK.
Matthew has a BSc Joint Honours (first class) in Physics and Chemistry from Durham University, providing a broad understanding across both disciplines. After a PGCE and two years teaching physics in London he returned to academia, completing an MRes (with distinction) and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London. This research aimed to better establish processing/structure/property relationships in conjugated polymers, particularly in the context of insulator blends, and was conducted within Imperial College's Centre for Plastic Electronics that spans the Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science departments. Most recently, Matthew was a post-doctoral researcher at Eindhoven Technical University as part of an EU funded Innovative Training Network (ITN), focusing primarily on organic photodetectors (OPDs) and sub-bandgap states in conjugated polymers.
Research field
Matthew's interests span the flexible electronics space, and include the following topics:
• Flexible displays
• Flexible hybrid electronics
• Photodetectors
• Emerging photovoltaics
• Conductive inks
• Printed sensors
• Organic semiconductors
• Hybrid perovskite semiconductors
• Transparent conductive films

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