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Matthew is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, specializing in printed/organic/flexible/hybrid electronics. Matthew has previously been involved in research across a wide range of printed/flexible electronics areas, contributing to 13 scientific papers in well-respected journals (including Nature Communications, Advanced Optical Materials and Angewandte Chemie) and has presented his work in a variety of international conferences. As such he has a comprehensive understanding across the printed/organic/flexible electronics field. Matthew visits and interviews companies in the flexible electronics space around the world, publishing detailed technical summaries and analysis on the IDTechEx portal and in reports. He is based in London, UK.
Matthew has a BSc Joint Honours (first class) in Physics and Chemistry from Durham University, providing a broad understanding across both disciplines. After a PGCE and two years teaching physics in London he returned to academia, completing an MRes (with distinction) and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London. This research aimed to better establish processing/structure/property relationships in conjugated polymers, particularly in the context of insulator blends, and was conducted within Imperial College's Centre for Plastic Electronics that spans the Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science departments. More recently, Matthew was a post-doctoral researcher at Eindhoven Technical University as part of an EU funded Innovative Training Network (ITN), focusing primarily on organic photodetectors (OPDs) and sub-bandgap states in conjugated polymers.
Matthew covers the printed/organic/flexible/hybrid electronics space, which includes the following (often overlapping) topics:
Flexible hybrid electronics is an emerging manufacturing methodology that aims to combine the benefits of printed electronics with the functionality offered by placed components. Matthew recently authored a best-selling report on this topic and is analyzing the manufacturing innovations required for widespread adoption.
Conductive inks are one of the most developed markets in printed electronics, with screen-printed silver paste used to make conductive fingers on solar panels. However, there is still plenty of innovation in the sector, with the advent of particle-free, stretchable, and copper inks for applications as diverse as e-textiles and in-mold electronics (IME). Matthew continues to analyze the conductive inks space, identifying trends and innovations.
Printed sensors span a wide range of applications, ranging from large area image sensors to wearable electrodes. Matthew recently authored an extensive report covering the full gamut of printed sensor applications, which promise to combine sensing capability with flexible form factors and low-cost manufacturing.
Organic semiconductors underpin flexible displays, photovoltaic panels and even some image sensors. Matthew recently authored a report titled 'Materials for printed and flexible electronics', which covers organic semiconductors for OLEDs, OPV and OTFTs along with many other materials.
Transparent conductive films are a crucial technology for displays with capacitive touch and are likely to be increasingly important for transparent heaters in electric vehicles and even transparent antennas. Matthew tracks and analyzes developments in this field, which is especially interesting given the transition from rigid to foldable displays.
3D electronics covers both established topics such as molded interconnect devices along with emerging technologies such as 3D printed and in-mold electronics. Matthew has recently completed a report on this intriguing area that has the potential to disrupt both automotive and PCB manufacturing.
Photodetectors and image sensors are becoming increasingly important due to the twin drivers of improved machine vision software and the demand for short wave infra-red sensing for autonomous vehicles. Matthew draws on his experience in developing organic photodetectors to deliver technical insight and analysis in this topic.
If you would like to discuss an innovative and commercially applicable technology in any of the above (or tangentially related) topics so that it can feature in IDTechEx's reports, please get in touch at m.dyson@idtechex.com.

Speaking at Forthcoming Events

FLEX China 2020 National Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium
Virtual Event - 28 - 30 Oct 2020
The 2020 Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (Flex China 2020) will again be held in Suzhou on 28-30 October. Built on its previous success, Flex China 2020 will continue to serve as a platform for the exchange of information and progress in the field of flexible & printed electronics. Internationally prominent scholars and market analysts will be invited to speak at the symposium. There are exhibition floors for companies and research organizations to display their latest technologies and products. This conference is part of the CHInano Conference & Expo 2020
Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference
Virtual Event - 23 - 25 Feb 2021
The 7th annual Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (innoLAE 2021) and supporting events will be held online from 23-25 February 2021. The conference programme highlights the most innovative and exciting aspects of large-area electronics. innoLAE 2021 will present a high calibre programme combining plenary addresses from internationally-renowned speakers, two parallel tracks of oral presentations, a poster session with the latest research results and an exhibition with leading companies and organisations showcasing the latest products and developments. Prizes will be awarded to the most promising scientific and technical developments presented in oral presentation and poster. The conference features extensive networking opportunities. The conference is attended by researchers (from both academia and industry), manufacturers, equipment suppliers, integrators and users to explore the latest emerging technology and the development of products incorporating large area, printed, flexible, hybrid, plastic, organic and bio-electronics. Applications covered include Internet of Things (IoT), flexible lighting and displays, energy harvesting, automotive, healthcare and wellness, smart packaging, wearables and integrated smart systems. The innoLAE conference attracts an equal balance of delegates from industry and academia, creating an important platform for advancing the state-of-the-art, supporting innovation, making connections between academia and industry and building collaborations.

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