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Conference Agenda


Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009

 The Market
 Wireless Sensor Network Systems
 Military and Systems
10:00The Facility
09:10SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego
09:35Robert Bosch LLC
10:25Coffee & Networking Break
 Oil & Gas
 Energy Harvesting in Consumer Electronics
 New Thin Film Battery Technology
12:20Infinite Power Solutions

Track 1

14:35IMEC/Holst Centre
14:10HCA - Hospital Corporation of America
 Packaging & Retail
15:00Structural Graphics
15:25Coffee & Networking Break
16:20Lockheed Martin
16:45Fisk University
17:00Day 1, Track 1 Ends

Track 2

 Our Energy Harvesting Needs
14:10Savi Technology
 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
15:00Advanced Cerametrics
15:25Coffee & Networking Break
 WSN & RTLS Powered by Energy Harvesters
15:55EnOcean Alliance
 RTLS with Passive RFID
17:10Day 1 Track 2 Ends

Wednesday, 04 Nov 2009

Track 1

 New Forms of Photovoltaics for Harvesting
 RF and EM Energy Harvesting
10:40Coffee & Networking Break
11:20University of Colorado
 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
 Batteries, Supercapacitors & Other Storage
14:45City College of New York
15:10Widetronix Inc
15:35Coffee & Networking Break
 Thermal Energy Harvesting
16:00Thermo Life Energy Corp
16:25Tellurex Corporation
16:50Day 2 Track 1 Ends

Track 2

10:40Coffee & Networking Break
11:20Axcess International
09:50Traak Systems
09:00GE Global Research
10:15Schneider Electric
 RTLS and Active RFID
11:45RF Technologies
 Wireless Power
12:10Leggett & Platt
 Ultra Low Power Electronics
12:35Texas Instruments
14:20University of Michigan
 Harvesting Energy from Multiple Energy Sources
15:35Coffee & Networking Break
15:10Texas Micropower
16:25University of Manchester Intellectual Property Ltd
16:50Day 2 Track 2 Ends

Wednesday November 04, 2009

Ultra Low Power Electronics (12:35 - 14:20)

12:35 - 13:00 "Anatomy of Next-Generation Self-Power Embedded Systems"
  • An overview of the functional blocks needed to implement a modern self-powered system that include the harvester options, central power management unit, ultra-low power processor and telemetry will be described in details as well as demonstrated.
  • A specific breakdown on the management of system level micro-power power, where it comes from, storage and how it is consumed is broken down from a system perspective.
  • A final discussion on component level integration opportunities and cost optimization will be opened up with emphasis on achieving a real-world application.
13:00 Lunch
14:20 - 14:45 "Wireless Sensing with the World's Lowest Power Microprocessor"
  • This presentation will cover the development of the world's lowest power microprocessor at the University of Michigan as well as on-going efforts to bring this microprocessor to the market.
  • Additionally, it will be shown how this microprocessor technology, in combination with energy harvesting and cutting edge battery technologies, can be used to create ultra-compact wireless sensors with multi-year lifetimes.
  • Finally, the use of these ultra-compact wireless sensors in several specific applications will be discussed in detail.
14:45 - 15:10 "Integrating Printed Electronic Technologies to Create Self-Powered and Energy Harvesting Display Systems"
  • Advancements in NanoChromics(TM) technologies enable fully printed, self-powered displays and systems.
  • Combining printed electronics technologies to enable energy harvesting display systems
  • Self powered and energy harvesting display systems will have broad applicability in a wide range of products
This IDTechEx event, focusing on the application of the technology as well as giving the latest technology trends, is the meeting place for users, developers and system integrators.


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