Former PM to address Smart Labels Asia 2004

Former PM to address Smart Labels Asia 2004
Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, is to address political and industry leaders at Smart Labels Asia 2004 to discuss Asian developments in the field of radio-frequency tagging. This bilingual event will be held on 10-11 November 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. ( External Link)
Drawing on his success as Premier, Dr Mahathir will explain how RFID is vital for Asian development. A cornerstone of the Malaysian government's hi-tech vision, RFID tags on Malaysian passports and national ID cards have increased security and ease-of-use.
Among the clamour of directives from many of the powerful Western companies it is not always easy to know about what is going on in Japan, China and other Asian countries. But the technology and applications being introduced mean that in the future these countries will be impossible to ignore and could well become world leaders in RFID and associated technologies.
The 30+ conference speakers at the event include leading technology providers, industry associations and end users from throughout Asia ¨C from industries as diverse as construction, retail, aviation and shipping will explain how RFID is changing their businesses. In addition, for those wanting to try their hand at applying RFID, a series of presentations from Texas Instruments, IBM and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology called "How to Tag" will outline the benefits and warn of the pitfalls associated with tagging pallets, cases, items and valuable assets.
Gordon Jackson of IDTechEx, leader of the Smart Labels Asia 2004 organising committee said: "This is the first time we have seen an Asia-wide meeting of government leaders, industry associations and big business to discuss the impact of this new technology. Our aim is that all who attend will get a full picture of the RFID industry and will be equipped to take this know-how back to their respective countries and organisations for implementation."