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Research Articles

by Dr Yu-Han Chang

18 Apr 2024

Role of 3D Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding in Powering Future HPC & AI Products

Semiconductor packaging has evolved from traditional 1D PCB levels to cutting-edge 3D hybrid bonding at the wafer level, achieving interconnecting pitches as small as single micrometers and over 1000 GB/s bandwidth. Key parameters, including Power, Performance, Area, and Cost, are crucial considerations. Power efficiency is enhanced through innovative packaging techniques, while Performance benefits from shorter interconnection pitches. Area requirements vary for high-performance chips and 3D integration's smaller z-form factor.
03 Apr 2024

AiP Market Dynamics: Drivers & Challenges in 5G & 6G

Antenna-in-package (AiP) technology is essential for high-frequency telecommunications, as it enables the integration of antennas with RF components directly into semiconductor packages, unlike traditional discrete antennas. This advancement, tailored for mmWave applications and potentially extending into the sub-THz spectrum for 6G, promises much smaller footprints and enhanced performance.
27 Mar 2024

Next-Gen 2.5D & 3D Semiconductor Packaging: Dielectric Material Trends

The semiconductor industry continually pushes packaging technology boundaries to meet the demand for higher chip performance and efficiency. Bandwidth is one of the critical factors defining the amount of data transmitted between dies on a package.
27 Feb 2024

Advancing Integration in Antenna Packaging Technologies for 5G and 6G

Millimeter-wave (mmWave), previously confined to military, satellite, and automotive radar applications, has now entered the mobile communications frequency spectrum, offering high data throughput of up to 20 Gbps with an ultralow latency of just 1 ms.
23 Feb 2024

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Trends in AI and HPC

Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies like 2.5D and 3D hybrid bonding, along with emerging solutions like silicon photonics, are critical in optimizing system performance and fostering the next wave of AI and HPC chip innovation.
10 Jan 2024

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technology Trends: 2.5D & 3D Insights

Semiconductor packaging technologies have evolved from initial 1D PCB levels to the cutting-edge 3D hybrid bonding packaging at the wafer level. This advancement facilitates single-digit micronmeter interconnecting pitches, achieving over 1000 GB/s bandwidth with high energy efficiency.
07 Dec 2023

High Performance Computing for Automotive

Computers on wheels. That's how people currently see cars. Practically everything that happens in a vehicle is being monitored and actuated by a microcontroller, from opening windows to calculating the optimal fuel-air mixture for the current torque demand. But the surface has only just been scratched in terms of how much computing power is making its way into vehicles.
21 Nov 2023

6G - Now and the Future

Every decade, a new telecom generation emerges, with 5G currently being commercialized, offering faster data rates, low latency, and enhanced reliability. 6G is characterized by Tbps data rates, microsecond latency, and extensive network dependability.
31 Oct 2023

Evaluating the Emerging Materials Landscape for EMI Shielding

Ensuring that sensitive electronic components are not adversely affected by radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an essential part of circuit design. Where compactness and close component proximity are a priority, such as in smartphones and smartwatches, conventional board-level shielding with metallic enclosures is increasingly being replaced with conformal package-level shielding.
26 Sep 2023

How EMI Shielding is Enabling Compact Electronics

It is no secret that electronic devices are becoming increasingly compact, with greater functionality contained in smaller volumes. As such, increasing efforts are being made to mount integrated circuits (ICs) and other components such as antennas closer together, sometimes within the same semiconductor package.
15 Sep 2023

Advancing Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding: The Future of Semiconductor Packaging

Bumping technologies for advanced semiconductor packaging have evolved significantly to address the challenges posed by shrinking contact pitches and the limitations associated with conventional flip-chip soldering. One prominent advancement in this field is the 3D Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding technology, which offers a transformative solution. IDTechEx have been closely monitoring the advancements in 2.5D and 3D advanced semiconductor packaging.
11 Aug 2023

Next-Generation RDL Materials in Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

With the ever-increasing demand for higher performance and efficiency in electronic devices, the semiconductor industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of packaging technology. In the context of interconnected dies on a package, the system's performance relies heavily on the signaling that happens within the package.