Alphabet Energy, Inc.

Alphabet Energy, Inc.

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Based on groundbreaking nanotechnology research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Alphabet Energy makes waste heat valuable with the incorporation of advanced thermoelectric materials to convert exhaust heat sources into electricity. Our patented applications of nanotechnology to silicon and tetrahedrite, called PowerBlocks, have enabled the creation of the world's first low-cost thermoelectric materials, which are assembled into modules to be configured for multiple waste-heat recovery applications. In the near term, Alphabet is changing the way people think about waste heat. Waste heat is untapped energy; a potential $90 billion market. Alphabet owns the complete value chain for thermoelectric generation: from the advanced materials to the assembly and configuration of modules to the successful generation of electricity from previously discarded waste heat.
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Alphabet Energy, Inc.
13 Apr 2021

Battery Elimination in Electronics: Market Impact IoT, 6G, Healthcare, Wearables 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
17 Feb 2020

High power thermoelectric energy harvesting starts to look good

In energy harvesting in general, there is 100 times the market potential in high power rather than low power. In this article IDTechEx explores this opportunity.
22 Aug 2017

Thermoelectric Harvesting in 2017: Still Awaiting a Breakthrough

This article works through the issues facing the development of thermoelectric harvesting, including high power, modular thermoelectric technology and turnkey thermoelectric generators.
21 Apr 2017

Project turns waste heat to electricity

Vast amounts of energy are wasted every year in the form of heat. A new project seeks to efficiently capture that heat and convert it to electricity.
17 Nov 2016

Thermoelectric Generators For Waste Heat Recovery Applications

Alphabet Energy, United States
18 Nov 2015

High Power Thermoelectric Recovery of Waste Heat in Vehicles and on Land

Alphabet Energy, United States
5 Nov 2015

Energy harvesting: microwatts to megawatts

Energy harvesting is a term that now encompasses creating microwatts to megawatts of off-grid electricity using ambient energy such as heat, light, wind and waves. That means big business for those seeing the big picture.
3 Sep 2015

Thermoelectric energy harvesting comes center stage

Thermoelectric energy harvesting is no longer the Cinderella of energy harvesting - a subject previously dominated by photovoltaics and electrodynamics such as the bicycle dynamo and the electric vehicle's regenerative braking.
16 Mar 2015

Alphabet Energy, Inc.

Alphabet Energy is a company that's focused on developing, designing and manufacturing thermoelectric waste heat recovery products based on exclusive IP from Michigan State University and the Berkeley National Labs
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19 Nov 2014

Low Cost thermoelectrics for Waste Heat Recovery: The Someday is Here

Alphabet Energy, United States
15 Oct 2014

The world's most powerful thermoelectric generator

The world's most powerful thermoelectric generator, which captures exhaust heat and converts it into electricity.
16 Jul 2014

Thermoelectric material to hit market later this year

California-based Alphabet Energy plans to begin selling a new type of material that can turn heat into electricity. Unlike previous thermoelectrics, as such materials are known, it is abundant, cheap, and nontoxic.