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Cypak is a Swedish technology innovator making objects smart, secure and connected. Core technologies include the efficient integration of microelectronics and sensors into disposable materials, a new contact-less data transfer technology and security solutions to guarantee authenticity and integrity. Up-to-date technology has enabled the world's first disposable and intelligent pharmaceutical packaging and courier packaging with tamper detection. Cypak's business is to license technology and provide components to simplify and secure the process of collecting, managing and transferring sensitive data.
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4 Apr 2023

Smart Packaging 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
3 Apr 2020

Flexible Electronics in Healthcare 2020-2030

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao and Raghu Das
29 Sep 2010

Smart Things Happening in Mobile Healthcare

Cypak, Sweden
29 Sep 2008

Cypak, Sweden
24 Apr 2008

Laminate makes any blisterpack record when pills are taken

Taking medication wrongly is a huge problem, resulting in more than 150,000 people dying unnecessarily in both North America and in Europe every year.
25 Sep 2007

Improved Smart Blisterpacks Announced

At the IDTechEx conference, RFID Europe in Cambridge, UK, 18-19 September, both Cypak of Sweden and Jos Geboers of The Compliers Group of the Netherlands announced improved smart blisterpacks that record which pills are removed when and have RFID for identifying the patient.
19 Sep 2007

Revolution in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Cypak, Sweden
17 Sep 2007

Cypak, Sweden
18 Aug 2006

Opportunities in Pharma RFID and Smart Packaging

RFID in healthcare is growing rapidly to become a $2.1 billion global business in 2016. Smart packaging for healthcare has additional value, for example, ensuring that people take the correct pills at the right time. RFID can improve the lives of patients in many different ways...
10 Feb 2006

Impressions from Printed Electronics USA 05 2/3

8 Dec 2005

New annoucements at Printed Electronics USA 2005

An avalanche of printed or partly-printed products has been announced for the first time by presenters at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2005 conference.
7 Dec 2005

Printed Electronics in Use in the Medical and Security Sectors

Cypak AB, Sweden
7 Nov 2005

RFID in the Postal and Courier service

The second biggest application of item level RFID after retail. 10 year forecasts.
4 Oct 2005

Sensors and RFID converge

Examining the prospect of ubiquitous sensors saving lives, improving the quality of life of the disoriented elderly, coping with natural disasters and much else besides.
19 Apr 2005

Paperboard Computers

Cypak AB, Sweden
15 Apr 2005

Oversupply of RFID antenna technologies

2 Jan 2005

RFID in Healthcare in 2005

11 Nov 2004

First disposable diabetes screening device

Cypak announce World's first electronic disposable diabetes screening device
4 Nov 2004

Products of the future

13 Oct 2004

Intelligent RFID Enabling the Paperboard Computer

Cypak, Sweden