World renowned engineer, Graham Hawkes, created the DeepFlight series of positively buoyant, winged submersibles. The first DeepFlight submersible was unveiled by Hawkes Ocean Technologies (HOT) in the late 1990s. HOT is now on its fifth generation winged submersible, and sold its most recent vehicles to venture capitalist Tom Perkins and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.
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7 Jul 2011

Virgin Oceanic to explore the depths in one-man submersible

Virgin Oceanic recently announced plans to take a solo piloted submarine to the deepest points in each of the world's five oceans - the first time such a feat has ever been attempted.
20 Dec 2010

Presentation highlights from Future of Electric Vehicles 2010

Some of the highlights on the different technologies covered at the Future of Electric Vehicles conference and exhibition organized by IDTechEx are discussed below. Battery technologies, land, sea and air vehicles were all aired during the event, which delivered on its promise to cover more than just electric car technologies.
3 Nov 2010

Wireless electric vehicles

At the unique IDTechEx event, "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose USA December 7-8, these "sea changes" will be tracked by the experts involved in land, air and, yes, seagoing electric vehicles.
17 Aug 2010

Enthusiasm for first land, water and air electric vehicle event

BAE Systems has just agreed to speak at IDTechEx event "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose December 7-8.
16 Aug 2010

The future of electric aircraft

It can only fly for 15 minutes but it is a breakthrough all the same. Improved batteries have finally made a manned electric helicopter a reality.
11 Aug 2010

Hybrid and pure electric tugboats

In 2008, GE and the C-MAR Group partnered to develop new hybrid technology for tugboats.
16 Jul 2010

Electric Vehicles but not as we know them

The increasing variety of applications of electric vehicle technology.
8 Jul 2010

Washington State University create super battery

Using super-high pressures similar to those found deep in the Earth or on a giant planet, Washington State University researchers have created a compact, never-before-seen material capable of storing vast amounts of energy.
7 Jul 2010

Solar powered boats

Worldwide, boat builders are gearing towards conquering the seas with solar powered vessels.
30 Jun 2010

Development of super batteries

Engineers at Nottingham University are developing a new generation of super batteries that will collect, store and, when called upon, quickly release electricity generated by renewables.
23 Jun 2010

Enhancing the power of batteries

MIT team finds that using carbon nanotubes in a lithium battery can dramatically improve its energy capacity
23 Jun 2010

Lithium batteries on Steroids at MIT

MIT researchers report this month that they have found a way to produce a tenfold increase in the power delivery ("power density") of lithium ion batteries.
28 May 2010

Some impressions of Energy Harvesting Europe

The IDTechEx Energy Harvesting Europe event in Munich had its first day on 26 May. Here are some impressions from the first day.
24 May 2010

Plug 'n play Mazda

US traction battery manufacturer EnerDel has a supply relationship with Nissan and Honda, though not necessarily volume orders, and its relationship with Think is progressing beyond the car.
11 May 2010

Renault's energy harvesting transport

Car manufacturer Renault is due to release a range of electric vehicles from 2011. In the lead up Renault has commissioned the following innovative energy harvesting craft.
22 Apr 2010

Funding for electric car and energy storage battery systems

California-based electric car and battery company CODA Automotive, together with joint venture partner, Lishen Power Battery, has secured $394 million of committed capital.
15 Apr 2010

Ocean powered underwater vehicle

NASA, U.S. Navy and university researchers have successfully demonstrated the first robotic underwater vehicle to be powered entirely by natural, renewable, ocean thermal energy.
9 Apr 2010

Around the world in a solar plane

The Solar Impulse is a revolutionary concept that will push back the limits of our knowledge in the field of materials, energy management and the man-machine interface. It is an aircraft with an inordinate wingspan for its weight and of an aerodynamic quality that to this day has not been equaled, capable of tremendous resistance, despite its light weight.
16 Mar 2010

Printed lithium reshaping battery

In February 2010, ITSUBO Advanced Materials Innovation Center and Hatanaka Electric announced a large area printed lithium polymer battery that can be reshaped as shown in the pictures. This is the statement:
11 Mar 2010

Lithium vehicle traction batteries and harvesting

The conference of about 40 people "Lithium Battery Technology and System Development" in London 9 March 2010 was concerned with "breaking barriers for electric vehicles".