EADS Innovation Works

EADS Innovation Works

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. They operate across the globe, in every continent. The UK is host to many of EADS key activities. With nearly 15,000 employees, EADS is firmly rooted in the UK's advanced technology industrial base. There is a strong presence of the Group throughout the United Kingdom: Airbus UK has the Airbus centre of excellence in wing work, Astrium is the UK's largest space company, Paradigm has set up and operates the world's first commercial provider of military satellite communications services, Systems integration and cryptography are strongholds of Cassidian and MBDA is a leader in missile systems with cutting-edge research and manufacturing facilities. EADS also invests firmly in R&D in the UK with a network of universities, research centres and government bodies demonstrating the Group's commitment to long-term investment in technology and skills.
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EADS Innovation Works
14 Feb 2019

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
2 Sep 2015

Interactive Wear AG

Interactive Wear AG span out of Infineon Technologies AG in 2005, inheriting their patent portfolio around the integration of electronic components into textiles. Over the last decade they have completed over 100 commercial projects with leading brands across the apparel, technical textile and automotive industries, amongst others.
11 May 2014

Major New EV Market?

Personal Helicopters, Volocopters and Fixed Wing Electric Aircraft is a field under continuous development. This article will present some of the latest developments, presenting which are the pioneer companies developing the technologies of future air electric personal mobility.
4 Dec 2013

End-user perspectives on the future of 3D printing

A recent aerospace-led event presented some of the current thinking of European companies on the subject of 3D printing.
24 Jun 2013

EADS, Siemens enter long-term research partnership

EADS and Siemens are entering a long-term research partnership to introduce new electric propulsion systems that could help airlines lower their fuel bills and drive environmental performance.
24 Apr 2013

Aircraft energy harvesting modules tested

An idea from EADS and Vienna University of Technology is taking off: in a joint project, Energy Harvester Modules suitable for aircrafts have been tested, which should supply sensor nodes with electrical power in the future.
18 Sep 2012


Electric motors in aircraft are not readily scalable so many aircraft employ many propellers each with their own motor.
19 Apr 2012

Wireless Sensor Networks: What's next for WSN at WSN & RTLS Europe

Starting with more humble killer applications such as meter reading in buildings, WSN will grow rapidly from $0.58 billion in 2012 to $2.4 billion in 2022 according to IDTechEx research.
22 Mar 2012

Positive Adoption Trends Expected to Double the Market Within 5 Years

The 4th IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage event will be taking place on the 15th and 16th of May in Berlin, Germany and will cover recent progress and developments in energy harvesting, wireless sensors and related technologies.
21 Sep 2011

Ubisense Group plc, interim revenues up 41%

Ubisense Group plc has announced its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2011.
28 Jul 2011

Electric Vehicle Range Extenders - Rival Approaches

Led by the Japanese and with Hyundai of Korea, the Europeans and the Americans coming up fast, we are in the decade of the hybrid vehicle, with much more being spent on them than on pure electric vehicles. This is because traction batteries alone cannot affordably provide sufficient range in most of the large applications by land, sea or air.
1 Jul 2011

Energy harvesting sensors for aircraft

Joint research by EADS Deutschland GmbH (Germany) and the Vienna University of Technology results in sensor elements that do not require any external power supply.
28 Jun 2011

A Diversion from the Roadmap - Turning the Electric Aircraft Upside Down

EADS Innovation Works, United Kingdom
27 Jun 2011

World's first serial hybrid electric aircraft to fly at Le Bourget

Siemens AG, Diamond Aircraft and EADS are set to present the world's first aircraft with a serial hybrid electric drive system at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2011.
20 Jun 2011

Airliners become electric vehicles

Aircraft are becoming more electric even to the extent of having electric traction just like an electric car. Curiously this is starting at the light and heavy end, with medium sized feeder aircraft adopting electrification later.
10 Jun 2011

Boxster E prototypes

The Boxster E, with one electric motor apiece on front and rear axle, runs on purely electric power with four-wheel drive and is equivalent to a Boxster S in terms of driving dynamics. Together with two other Boxster Es, in which an electric motor drives the rear wheels, the prototype is being used to explore the everyday practicality of all-electric vehicles and how they are used, especially in terms of driving and battery charging. What the researchers are after is an understanding of the requirements facing future products, where to go next with Porsche Intelligent Performance and how to integrate electric vehicles into the infrastructure.
31 May 2011

BAE Systems exceeds 3500 hybrid bus drive trains

BAE Systems says it has cumulatively delivered more than 3,500 units of its hybrid electric propulsion system called the HybriDrive series, netting it over $350 million and making it one of the most successful suppliers of subsystems in the history of the electric vehicle.
30 May 2011

Global benchmarking for e-mobility at last

Best practice in e-mobility first occurs in very different countries and with very different vehicles. The most useful events on the subject therefore need an international speaker lineup.
30 May 2011

Goodbye 100 mile range electric vehicles

150 miles range is the new benchmark for affordable electric vehicles: the 100 miles range of today's pure electric vehicles will quickly become an embarrassment.
6 May 2011

Comprehensive line-up for Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air

Analysts IDTechEx have added a number of carefully chosen best-in-class speakers to the lineup for their unique event that covers the whole subject for the first time. There are six on-road vehicle manufacturers plus two companies involved in off-road electric vehicles. Six organisations describe electric aircraft work and four speakers cover their inland and seagoing electric boats.