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FreeWire Technologies merges beautiful design with convenient services to electrify industries formerly dependent on fossil fuels. FreeWire's turnkey mobile energy storage solutions deliver and manage energy whenever and wherever it's needed for reliable electrification beyond the electrical grid. With scalable clean power that moves to meet demand, FreeWire customers can tackle new applications and deploy new business models without the complexity of traditional energy infrastructure. FreeWire's Mobi Charger product line offers mobile EV chargers that can be quickly deployed to shift with the rapidly changing EV landscape. FreeWire's Mobi Gen product line provides clean and quiet on-site power to substitute or supplement the use of diesel generators for a variety of remote power needs.
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FreeWire Technologies
16 Jan 2024


Freewire is developing battery-integrated chargers with solar integrations, but is yet to target off-highway industries.
30 Aug 2023

Elywhere: Portable Battery Buffered Electric Vehicle Charging

US leader in battery buffered charging station deployments
20 Jun 2023

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2024-2034

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi
6 Feb 2023

FreeWire: Battery-Integrated DCFC Units

FreeWire Technologies is a manufacturer of battery-integrated EV charging stations and power solutions in the US. The company's "Boost Charger" plugs into existing and ubiquitous low-voltage utility service and delivers high-power charging in areas that typically require extensive grid upgrades.
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1 Apr 2020

FreeWire Technologies

FreeWire Technologies develops mobile energy storage systems for electric vehicle charging and power applications.
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15 Nov 2018

Mobile Charging To Enable The EV Ecosystem

FreeWire Technologies, United States
26 Oct 2018

Volvo invests in electric car charging company FreeWire

Volvo Cars has acquired a stake in electric car charging company FreeWire Technologies via the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, deepening the company's commitment to a fully electric future.
16 Oct 2018

Unlocking the value in second-life electric vehicle batteries

With global electric vehicle sales hitting 4 million this summer, increasing attention has been paid to the end-of-life issues of EV batteries. Recycling the batteries to recover the raw materials seems to be the default solution. However, after their first life as powertrain for electric cars, the batteries could still hold 70-80% of their initial capacity which can be further utilised in second-life applications such as stationary energy storage before being recycled.
26 Sep 2018

Will second-life batteries need to compete with new batteries?

Hyundai Motor Group has recently announced a commercial partnership with energy company Wärtsilä to utilize second-life electric vehicle batteries for stationary energy storage at both commercial and utility scales. This is not the first piece of news that automotive companies are trying to give a second life to their retired EV batteries as major EV manufactures including Nissan, Renault, BMW, Daimler, BYD etc. have announced various battery second use projects around the world.
22 Aug 2018

Electric Vehicles: Everything Is Changing - Discussing The Key Trends

IDTechEx's will bring together the leaders of the emerging electric vehicle sectors of the future. Whilst electric cars are an important area for electrification, passenger vehicles are not the only segment that is becoming electrified.
31 Jan 2018

BP installing electric vehicle chargers in UK forecourts

BP announced that its venturing business has invested $5 million in FreeWire Technologies Inc, a US-based manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle rapid charging systems, and plans to roll out FreeWire's Mobi Charger units for use at selected BP retail sites in the UK and Europe during 2018.