Future Powertrain Conference (FPC)

Future Powertrain Conference (FPC)

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Future Powertrain Conference (FPC)
14 Mar 2022

Equipmake: Electric Motors and Power Electronics

Equipmake is a UK-based manufacturer of electric motors and power electronics. IDTechEx interviews Equipmake at FPC 2022 to learn more about their offerings and future plans.
9 Mar 2022

Dynex Semiconductor (CRRC): EV Power Electronics

Dynex is a UK-based power electronics developer and manufacturer. They were acquired by CRRC and can now utilise China-based manufacturing for high volume orders.
12 Nov 2021

Henkel: EV Battery Fire Protection

Henkel recently hosted a webinar describing their materials for thermal runaway propagation prevention in EV battery packs.
16 Aug 2021

JX Nippon Mining & Metals

JX Nippon Mining & Metals (JX) is an integrated producer of copper and related metals. IDTechEx caught up with the company to discuss its impressive current collector material for high-performance electric vehicles.
24 Jun 2021

Printed Circuit Solutions by Molex

Molex's vision is "creating long term value by transforming electronic solutions to enhance the user experience." They leverage their talent and expertise to offer customers the technology, capabilities and services that allow them to excel. This creates superior returns for both their customers and Molex.
28 Nov 2020

Kyocera Inc.

Kyocera showed a transparent 1.8" ┬ÁLED display (0.7 mm thick) with 256 X 256 RGB dots and 200 PPI resolution at CEATEC 2019. The active area spans 32.5 X 32.5 mm.
8 Sep 2020

Trackwise Implements Further Upgrading of FPC Manufacturing Operations

Trackwise, innovator of flexible printed circuit technology, continues to strengthen its production capability and capacity by investing in new equipment. The company has installed a highly advanced roll-to-roll direct imaging system and has also invested in a roll-to-roll flexible circuit laser drilling system.
29 Jun 2020


Founded in 2006, ProLogium is a Taiwanese company developing, commercializing, and mass producing solid-state batteries. Combining solid-state technology with its pack design--the Multi-Axis Bipolar (MAB), ProLogium targets all application markets for solid-state batteries, especially electric vehicle markets.
17 Apr 2020

Formosa Plastic Corporation

Formosa Plastics Corporation (FPC) are major players in the carbon fiber industry. They provide a full range of tow products under the brand Tairyfil.
18 Mar 2020

The Future Powertrain Conference 2020

Highlights from The Future Powertrain Conference 2020 - "Driving the Future"
28 Jan 2020


IDTechEx met with Peter Kurstjens and Oliver Glenz, CEO and BD Director (respectively) of Aito.
12 Jul 2019

Lumitronix utilises paper and PET as printed circuit board

In cooperation with its technology partners, the Swabian LED company Lumitronix succeeded in equipping plasma-metallised flexible printed circuit boards with electronic components. This is based on the one-of-a-kind process of plasma metallisation.
17 Jun 2019

OKI launches stretchable flexible printed circuits

Oki Electric Cable Co Ltd announced the launch of its Stretchable Flexible Printed Circuits "Stretchable FPC." The product is part of the new Oki Electric Cable product lineup to be introduced in June 2019.
6 May 2019

World's longest multilayer flexible printed circuit

A 26-metre long multilayer flexible printed circuit has been created, believed to be the longest ever produced, for distributing power and control signals across the wings of a solar-powered, unmanned aerial vehicle.
23 Apr 2019

EVs: Update on lightweighting, thermal management, & safety solutions

IDTechEx have outlined some advancements in thermal management solutions and material opportunities in previous articles. This article will look to capture some additional information and provide an update on some of those hidden material opportunities.
21 Jan 2019


ProLogium is a solid-state battery company located in Taiwan.
18 Aug 2018

ProLogium Technology Corporation

ProLogium is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The key technology in Flexible Printed Circuit Lithium-Ceramic Battery (FLCB) of ProLogium Technology is the combination of flexible printed circuit (FPC) substrate and solid like lithium ceramic electrolyte. The battery is ultra-thin,truly flexible and bendable.
9 Mar 2017

Electric trucks reinvented this year

At the recent Future Powertrain Conference in Solihull UK, Professor Matthias Wellers, Managing Director AVI Powertrain, said he liked the idea of intermittent catenaries on major roads charging inter-city pure electric trucks.
27 Apr 2016

AVERE e-Mobility Conference Amsterdam 13-14.4.16

IDTechEx report on their attendance at the AVERE e-Mobility Conference in Amsterdam.
13 Apr 2016

What's hot and what's not in Printed Electronics

IDTechEx has been following the printed electronics market for fifteen years. In this article we provide ten brief updates across different parts of the industry.