KleenSpeed Technologies

KleenSpeed Technologies

KleenSpeed is focused on the development of innovative and advanced technologies and intellectual property that will revolutionize the EV industry and create systems and vehicles that truly realize the full potential of electric power.
The company's agenda is clearly drawn to tackle and resolve the challenging issues regarding the development of breakthrough solutions to EV systems design and development.
We are passionate about EV technology as a viable solution to many environmental issues. We believe that the wide spread adoption of electric vehicles will lead to a better way of life. We are convinced of the near-term potential and the long-term future of electric vehicles from a business perspective. We are committed to being a leader in EV technology and the production of electric vehicles.
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KleenSpeed Technologies
11 Dec 2015

Conference: Electric Vehicles - Everything is changing USA 2015

Summary of the key information tracked during the Electric Vehicle conference held in Santa Clara USA.
18 Nov 2015

Solar, Storage and EV are Joined at the Hip Now

KleenSpeed Technologies, United States
6 Nov 2015

The 200+ stand IDTechEx Show!

The 200+ stand, eight conference IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California, November 18-19 will this year include a dedicated session on electric vehicles. It has been several years since IDTechEx last hosted this topic in CA and we are thrilled to be back.
2 Nov 2015

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc seeks partners

KleenSpeed believes that the electric vehicle is an "appliance" like a notebook computer or a cell phone to be charged, used and charged again.
15 Oct 2015

Solar, storage and electric vehicles now joined at the hip

A new addition to the remarkable lineup at the forthcoming IDTechEx conference Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing is Kleenspeed presenting on the now intimate linkage between electric vehicles, solar and storage.
17 Sep 2015

Exotic new sources of free electricity: $50 billion market

High Power Energy Harvesting (HPEH) is a term beginning to be used for creation of electricity where it is needed using ambient "free" energy. That zero-pollution, high-energy conversion typically captures light (photovoltaics), heat difference (thermoelectrics and heat pumps) and movement (electrodynamics).
28 Oct 2013

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc collaborate with ORACLE Team USA

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. was given a chance to collaborate with ORACLE TEAM USA and jointly developed the high performance lithium-ion batteries used to power the onboard electronics on the AC72 Race Boats, and the ORACLE TEAM USA Chase Boats.
3 Jul 2013

FLUX POWER announces LoI to acquire KleenSpeed Technologies

Flux Power Holdings, Inc. (FLUX), a reporting company and an innovator in durable, scalable, and affordable advanced energy storage systems has announced that it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to acquire KleenSpeed Technologies.
25 Jan 2013

Global sales agreement between Kleenspeed Technologies and Leo Motors

KleenSpeed Technologies and Leo Motors announce a global sales agreement to jointly represent and sell their products and services.
17 Jan 2013

Electric cars: Success by a different route

Everything about an electric car is facing total change. Different materials for bodywork, structural components leading to smart skin, laminar electrics, printed electronics and totally new components are coming along.
20 Nov 2012

KAR GT prototype delivers range of 150 miles per charge

KleenSpeed Technologies is set to reveal the "most intelligent car ever conceived" - the KleenSpeed World KAR GT prototype - on Wednesday November 21 in San Francisco.
15 Oct 2012

Another ultracapacitor pure electric car - Kleenspeed

Kleenspeed in Silicon Valley has put its first KAR compact car on the road with its GenESSys 40 lithium-ion battery pack solution that is being sold as a separate item. There is an ultra capacitor (supercapacitor) in the car that will be the subject of a patent.
23 Feb 2012

KleenSpeed KAR EV technology

KleenSpeed aim to become a leader in the global electric car marketplace through advanced engineering and design with the production versions of the KleenSpeed KAR.
17 Feb 2012

Amazing new electric vehicles and components at EV Land Sea Air

The forthcoming event Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air USA 2012 in San Jose California March 27-28 will hear from the familiar giants such as Daimler, Mitsubishi and BMW talking of new initiatives, many beyond cars. It will also display and analyse many new electric vehicles not seen elsewhere including the new Soltrac pure electric farm tractor.
5 Jul 2011

KleenSpeed EV-X11 Shatters EV Prototype Lap Record At ReFuel 2011

On a sunny and cool Sunday the sound of the future whistled through the rolling hills of Laguna Seca as the sleek KleenSpeed Technologies EV-X11 shattered the lap record for Electric Vehicles on the Mazda Raceway circuit. This legendary race track - offering 2.238 sinuous miles, 11 unique turns and considerable elevation changes - is regarded as one of the world's most challenging circuits for man and machine. KleenSpeed Technologies president, Tim Collins, piloted the racecar of tomorrow, the EV-X11, to a new lap record for electric vehicles of 1:38.858, breaking last year's record - 1:42.5, set by KleenSpeed's prior model, the WX-10, at ReFuel in 2010 - by almost 4 seconds per lap, a remarkable step forward.
10 Dec 2010

Future of electric vehicles in California

The annual IDTechEx conference on the Future of Electric Vehicles - land, water and air held in San Jose, California this week saw 200 attendees with 12 exhibitors including BMW MINI E, KillaCycle and Levant Power.
9 Dec 2010

New revelations at future of electric vehicles San Jose

The inaugural IDTechEx electric vehicle event in San Diego California was a great success and it will now be repeated annually in three continents.
8 Dec 2010

The KleenSpeed Project the "Peoples EV" and its 200 mph Formula One test-bed

Kleenspeed Technologies, United States
7 Dec 2010

New EV Systems Technology

KleenSpeed, United States
1 Dec 2010

KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System

KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System enables conversion of most light cars/trucks to electricity.