Lange Aviation

Lange Aviation

Lange Aviation GmbH is a young company that combines good ideas, plenty of enthusiasm and a vast amount of know-how. After successfully having developed, designed and started series production of our silent high performance self launching sailplane, the Antares 20E, we are now introducing the world of soaring to our two newest products, the Antares 18S and Antares 18T. These models expand our product family with a pure glider and a self sustainer, both competing in the increasingly popular 18m class.
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Lange Aviation
5 Oct 2014

In-Wheel Electric Motors Take Off

For many years the EV has been typically considered to be a box for people to sit in with a box inside called the battery that is a very limiting factor and an electric motor driving the wheels directly or in parallel with a gasoline engine. The radical approach of a motor in two or more wheels is gaining favour in a steadily increasing minority of cases to save space and improve performance cost and suspension challenges are being tackled.
16 Dec 2013


World's leading electric aircraft manufacturer and the only one with ten years of sales.
31 Jan 2013

Electric vehicles land, water and air in 2013 - PART ONE

The hybrid and pure electric vehicle business will continue to prosper in 2013, with profits and growth the norm in most sectors. Laws will proliferate that make electric vehicles the only way to go.
26 Oct 2012

eCarTec Munich - a mixed picture

IDTechEx's Chairman, Dr Peter Harrop provides a snapshot of his insight into eCarTech held in Munich this week.
30 Jun 2011

New developments with electric aircraft

There was extensive coverage of manned and unmanned electric aircraft at the recent "Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air" in Stuttgart Germany with considerable questioning by a fascinated audience.
29 Jun 2011

Antares H2/H3 - From High Performance Sailplane to Research Aircraft

Lange Aviation, Germany
6 Jun 2011

Two devices will replace lead acid traction batteries

It is like waiting for a bus. You wait and wait then two come at the same time. Alternatives to short lived, toxic lead acid traction batteries, with their indifferent performance, have been sought for over 100 years. Now both lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors are near to replacing lead acid traction batteries in the many traction applications where they are still used.
6 Jun 2011

New e-mobility event is better for component suppliers

Those making subsystems, components and materials for electric vehicles gain little from meeting only the high profile electric car companies at e-mobility events. The queue is very long to supply these companies and the pricing is often extremely challenging. By contrast, a look at the big picture of electric vehicles by land, water and air reveals a huge number of often highly profitable niche applications.
31 May 2011

BAE Systems exceeds 3500 hybrid bus drive trains

BAE Systems says it has cumulatively delivered more than 3,500 units of its hybrid electric propulsion system called the HybriDrive series, netting it over $350 million and making it one of the most successful suppliers of subsystems in the history of the electric vehicle.
30 May 2011

Global benchmarking for e-mobility at last

Best practice in e-mobility first occurs in very different countries and with very different vehicles. The most useful events on the subject therefore need an international speaker lineup.