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Novasentis Electro-Mechanical Polymer based actuators are thin, light, flexible and provides a wide range of haptic feedback that are mild, pleasing and distinguishable from one another thereby providing a wide range of feedback. Novasentis has over a decade of experience with the technology that is protected by an impressive array of patents. More information on Novasentis is available at External Link.
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Novasentis, Inc
18 Dec 2020


IDTechEx caught up with Francois Jeanneau, CEO of Novasentis. They are ramping up to another product launch following acquisition from Kemet in 2019.
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10 Dec 2020

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Advances In Haptic Actuators Based On Electroactive Polymers

Novasentis, United States
16 Sep 2019

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9 Oct 2018

Boréas Technologies breathe new life into piezoelectric haptics

IDTechEx spoke to Boréas Technologies' Founder and CEO Simon Chaput about their product and their ambitions to disrupt the haptics market today.
2 Oct 2018

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12 Apr 2018

IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2018 Award Winners

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Haptics in Ready Player One: an analysis of fact and fiction

As Ready Player One is released in cinemas around the world, IDTechEx are also releasing their latest market research report after four years covering the haptics industry.
16 Nov 2017

It Aint Virtual Anymore

Novasentis, United States
18 Oct 2017

Flexible Electronics: The Big Winner So Far in Printed Electronics

Exploring the commercialization of flexible electronics, one of the key focus points of this year's Printed Electronics USA event on November 15-16 in Santa Clara, CA.
13 Jul 2017

Immersion vs. Fitbit: Everything you need to know in 7 charts

Earlier this week, Immersion Corporation filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Fitbit. This is in addition to an existing lawsuit they have against Apple, also relating to the infringement of their patents in haptics, user interfaces and human-machine interfaces. In this article, James Hayward describes the background to these lawsuits within the broader context of the haptics industry.
23 Jan 2017

Haptics for wearable devices, the evolution of man-machine interaction

Video Interview with Novasentis at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, USA (November 16-17 2016)
3 Oct 2016

Novasentis, Inc

Novasentis have developed polymeric haptic actuators and are targeting potential applications in consumer electronics. This profile update follows IDTechEx's latest interview with CEO Francois Jeanneau.
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11 Jul 2016

Launch of high-tech coated films for new applications

ARMOR is further extending development and is announcing its diversification into high added value coating films.
18 Apr 2016

KEMET and Novasentis collaborate to produce haptic actuators

KEMET Corporation and Novasentis Inc announced a collaboration to develop next generation Electro-Mechanical Polymer film based haptic actuators for wearable devices.