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Flexible displays will enable electronic displays to appear in places and products where never before was possible. From Smartcards & eTickets, to folding displays in eReaders, Smartphones and Tablet PCs, flexible displays will fundamentally change the way we access and use electronic information. As the pioneer of the world's thinnest and most flexible displays, Polymer Vision is at the forefront of flexible display technology. Through Commercial Collaborations and Licensing, Polymer Vision plans to share this technology to enable others to create groundbreaking products and applications. Polymer Vision was founded as an independent company in 2006 as a spin out from Philips Electronics. In 2009 Polymer Vision became a subsidiary of Wistron, one of the world's leading ODMs. To exploit the company's technology and product design portfolio over the coming years, Polymer Vision is actively seeking investors and collaboration partners.
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Polymer Vision
14 Jan 2014

Organic Semiconductors: So Where Now?

Organic semiconductors have been in development for around two decades but are not used in any commercial product today, despite heavy investment and research efforts. This article discusses the early promise versus unmet expectations from this technology.
30 Apr 2013

Gamma Dynamics

incorporates the advantage of electrophoretic e-paper (bistable and sunlight readable) and add better color rendering and faster refresh rate (for animations). Can potentially become the standard in e-paper technology. - Minimum overhead: very few employees and most of their operations are collocated in academic facilities.
14 Jan 2013

E Ink Holdings

14 Jan 2013

Plastic Logic

4 Apr 2012

Delivering the Next Display Wave: Flexible, Foldable and Unbreakable Displays

Polymer Vision, Netherlands
14 Mar 2012

Printed Electronics Europe 2012: Here comes the user pull

Printed Electronics have come of age: Here comes the user pull from a large "user pool". At the Printed Electronics Europe 2012 Berlin event, every attendee will become a user after receiving a working printed electronics product.
30 Nov 2011

Flexible Displays Development and Commercialization Efforts

Polymer Vision, Netherlands
16 Nov 2011

E-readers - Market prospects and technology developments

Electronic paper technology has found its main application in the development of e-book readers, a market that has bloomed in recent years with successful devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook.
5 Apr 2011

Flexible Displays Development and Commercialization Efforts

Polymer Vision, Netherlands
2 Mar 2011

Flexible electronics is the winner

There is a new form of electronics that will hit that figure in half the time because, unlike the silicon chip, it subsumes electrics such as lighting, batteries, solar cells and heaters, not just electronics. It is usually achieved by printing and its most vital characteristic is physical flexibility.
14 Feb 2011

UC and industry researchers predict future of electronic devices

In the first published critical review of technical developments related to electronic paper devices (i.e., e-readers like the Amazon Kindle), UC researcher Jason Heikenfeld and industry counterparts review the next generation of these devices.
10 Feb 2010

Record performance of dual-gate organic TFT-based RFID circuit

At yesterday's International Solid State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), Holst Centre, Imec and TNO presented a dual-gate-based organic RFID chip with record data rate and lowest reported operating voltage.
9 Sep 2009

Polymer Vision bought

Several press reports indicate that Polymer Vision has been bought by an Asian company.
10 Jul 2009

Polymer Vision announced bankrupt

Polymer vision, the pioneer for rollable displays for mobile devices and developer of the Readius electronic reader has gone bankrupt
11 May 2009

The race is on to commercialize a full-color electronic reader

The race is on to make a full-color electronic reader a reality with a recent entry from researchers at the University of Cincinnati who have collaborated with Sun Chemical, Polymer Vision and Gamma Dynamics.
15 Dec 2008

PVI: Towards a flexible e-book reader

The competition is currently heating up with the development of Gen II (flexible) e-book readers.
25 Sep 2008

Insight into E ink

Raghu Das of IDTechEx visits E ink to learn of the company's recent announcements and forthcoming technologies.
28 Jul 2008

News from SEMICON West and InterSolar North America

IDTechEx report on the SEMICON West event held in San Francisco in mid July - an event with over one thousand exhibitors covering the silicon supply chain.
14 Jul 2008

UK Chemical Sector Initiative - part two

It was noted in the Council for Science and Technology Review that Plastic Electronics is a high risk / high reward priority technology area. The academic structure is well established in OLED, PLED, OSC materials and deposition methods with £20M / yr funding from Research Councils (EPSRC).
10 Apr 2008

Market forecasts revealed in Dresden

Peter Harrop revealed, the printed electronics industry may have started by showing cost advantages with its membrane keyboards, printed RFID antennas, heaters and the like but more and more technical advantages are being discovered with some of the new printed and potentially printed technologies.