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Sensing Tex is a company with Headquarters in Barcelona specialized in developing end to end solutions based on its own Sensing Mat platform for sectors such as Sports, Wellness and Healthcare Sensing Tex offers innovative solutions and support to guide our customers from the early stage to the manufacturing of integrated finished products combining Sensing Mats with the cutting-edge electronic and IT technologies. Sensing Tex is a young company whose products and services have a large international presence around the Globe. The company works with brands throughout the world and take part of several international projects contributing with know-how, experience, technology and products. Sensing Mat Platform by Sensing Tex is based on patented technology developed by the highly skilled Sensing Tex team and has been deployed in hundreds of commercial projects for different applications in B2B and mass market where the company has contributed to their customers success providing hardware, software and support throughout the whole process of developing the final product.
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Sensing Tex
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Sensing Tex, S.L.Spain
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Sensing Tex, S.L.Spain
3 Dec 2016

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Sensing Tex, S.L.Spain
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Sensing Tex

Sensing Tex was founded in 2010, and is based in Barcelona, Spain. They have two main product areas, around textile sensors (mostly touch, but with R&D into many other types) and textile lighting (EL, and fibre optics).
Included are:
29 Apr 2015

Printed Smart Textile Interactive Touch Sensors

Sensing Tex, S.L.Spain