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7 Dec 2023

High Performance Computing for Automotive

Computers on wheels. That's how people currently see cars. Practically everything that happens in a vehicle is being monitored and actuated by a microcontroller, from opening windows to calculating the optimal fuel-air mixture for the current torque demand. But the surface has only just been scratched in terms of how much computing power is making its way into vehicles.
4 Dec 2023

Steering Sensors for Hands-Off Detection

This premium article discusses steering sensors for hands-off detection.
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4 Dec 2023

Drone Delivery - Flytrex Experienced 7-Fold Increase Last Year?

Flytrex is one of the leading companies in autonomous drone delivery. In 2022, the company reported a 765% increase in deliveries after achieving regulatory approval from the Federal Aviation Agency to begin its automated drone delivery services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Founded in 2013, Flytrex has made significant efforts in developing their autonomous drones for delivery services. However, as a common barrier for the drone industry, it takes Flytrex a long time before they get the green light from regulatory bodies.
4 Dec 2023

Quantum Random Number Generator: Applications and Market Opportunities

This premium article explores the applications and market opportunities of QRNGs.
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30 Nov 2023

Jungo Connectivity

Jungo Connectivity Ltd. provides in-cabin sensing artificial intelligence software. The company creates software designed to oversee in-vehicle cameras and develops algorithms to analyze the driver's state, offering communication-based solutions.
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28 Nov 2023

Radar Modules for In-Cabin Sensing

This premium article discusses radar modules for in-cabin sensing.
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21 Nov 2023

Time of Flight Cameras for In-Cabin Sensing

This premium article explores time of flight cameras for in-cabin sensing.
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20 Nov 2023

In-Cabin Sensing 2024-2034: Technologies, Opportunities and Markets

Forecasts from the IDTechEx Research report "In-Cabin Sensing 2024-2034: Technologies, Opportunities and Markets"
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20 Nov 2023


Tacterion offer pressure sensing and data acquisition solutions based around their proprietary flexible and stretchable piezoresistive sensor platform, plyon. Their plyon flex sensors are especially well suited to applications in which the sensor material is curved or is deformed during operation since they do not register a signal on bending.
17 Nov 2023

Automotive Radar Future - Miniaturising Size & Maximising Performance

Radar has been one of the most significant additions to vehicles in the past two decades. It provides luxury advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features like adaptive cruise control (ACC), as well as critical safety features like automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection.
14 Nov 2023

Webinar - The Next Five Years of Quantum Technology: Hype vs. Reality

Tuesday 28 November - What is the state of the quantum technology market in 2023? Quantum Computing: Benchmarking friends and foes; Quantum Sensing: Sensitivity vs. SWAP-C; Quantum Communications: Trading on trust
9 Nov 2023


Kognic provides a platform of machine learning (ML) based tools to accelerate the development of data-programmed models for autonomous technologies. Its main application and customers thus far have been in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) space. It is also looking at wider applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML for other autonomous applications, such as robotics.
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7 Nov 2023

Webinar - Autonomous & Connected Vehicles Unlock Convenience & Safety

Thursday 16 November 2023 - The current deployment of SAE level 3 technologies on the road; The next steps in the development of level 3 technologies; How autonomous vehicles can contribute to improved safety; How connected technologies are the end game for automotive safety; What connected features are already being used in cars; What an SDV is and how it links to connectivity, autonomy and more
3 Nov 2023


Loomia are an e-textiles start-up founded in 2014 and based in New York, USA, developing a printable material that can integrate heating, lighting, and sensing functionality into textiles.
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2 Nov 2023

Upcoming Webinar - Robotics Technology and Market Evolution in 2023

Tuesday 14 November 2023 - Mobile Robotics: Emerging applications, challenges, innovative solutions, and the latest market developments; Service Robots - different applications experience different growth rate; Collaborative Robots - technologies and industrial news; Sensors for Robotics: An analysis of key sensors
27 Oct 2023

Service Robots - Our New and Efficient Coworkers

When picturing a robot, an intimidating human-like figure might come to mind, but what if they could help businesses gain maximum benefit from their unmatched efficiency and power? Service robots are technological marvels proving to possess the enhanced capabilities of human labor, with fantastic flexibility and unmatched power, while always looking smart.
26 Oct 2023

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS): Tier One and Two Supplier Overview

Driver monitoring systems (DMS) and occupant monitoring systems (OMS) have become increasingly pervasive due to the regulations and requirements such as Euro NCAP. This premium article gives an overview of the key components supplied by tier one and tier two suppliers, along with a few market trends such as integrating DMS with advance driver assistance systems (ADAS) and integrating DMS sensors into the mirrors.
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26 Oct 2023

IDTechEx Technology Innovations Outlook 2024-2034

A complimentary magazine by IDTechEx providing insights and outlook to 2034 for key technologies.
26 Oct 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar - The Future of Automotive Radar

Thursday 2 November 2023 - The emerging demands on radar from developing autonomous vehicle technologies; What a 4D imaging radar is and why it is needed; What routes are available to create 4D imaging radar; How radar technologies and implementations are diverging; Who the leading suppliers in 4D imaging radar are
20 Oct 2023

Outdoor AMRs, Next Driver For Mobile Robotics Market?

In the realm of automation, where innovation meets industry, a groundbreaking revolution is sweeping through the landscape of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Traditionally confined indoors for tasks like intralogistics and material handling, AGVs are breaking free into the great outdoors, driven by advancements in navigation technologies and the emergence of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).