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26 Sep 2022

3D Printing Drones Build and Repair Structures While Flying

3D printing is gaining momentum in the construction industry. Both on-site and in the factory, static and mobile robots print materials for use in construction projects, such as steel and concrete structures. This new approach to 3D printing uses drones, that use collective building methods inspired by natural builders like bees and wasps who work together to create large, intricate structures.
26 Sep 2022

Tonus — Soft Robotics and Wearable Garment Start-up

Tonus is a Germany-based startup specializing in wearable garments and soft robotics.
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26 Sep 2022

Forsee Power

Forsee is a lithium battery pack manufacturer targeting a wide spread of vehicle applications outside of mainstream automotive. Forsee uses a variety of cell technologies and suppliers depending on the application and also offers hybridized capacitor/lithium solution and solutions for hydrogen and diesel hybrid powertrains.
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23 Sep 2022

Soft Devices Powered by Algae Glow in the Dark When Stretched

Researchers have developed soft devices containing algae that glow in the dark when experiencing mechanical stress, such as being squished, stretched, twisted or bent. The devices do not require any electronics to light up, making them an ideal choice for building soft robots that explore the deep sea and other dark environments.
22 Sep 2022

Brains on board: Smart Microbots Walk Autonomously

A collaborative effort has installed electronic "brains" on solar-powered robots that are 100 to 250 micrometers in size - smaller than an ant's head - so that they can walk autonomously without being externally controlled.
22 Sep 2022

Artificial Soft Surface Autonomously Mimics Shapes From Nature

Engineers have developed a scalable soft surface that can continuously reshape itself to mimic objects in nature. Relying on electromagnetic actuation, mechanical modeling and machine learning to form new configurations, the surface can even learn to adapt to hindrances such as broken elements, unexpected constraints or changing environments.
20 Sep 2022

DroneX Trade Show and Helitech Expo

This premium article explores the DroneX Trade Show and Helitech Expo, summarising the main takeaways of the event.
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20 Sep 2022

Evolving Automotive Lidar Technologies and Business Landscape

With the innovation of lidar beam steering technologies, continuous lidar cost reduction, as well as the progress of Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) and Autonomous vehicles (AV), lidars are embracing their potential US$8.4 billion-dollar market by 2033, enabled by automotive applications, which can be further widely expanded to other areas such as robotics, industrial, smart city, and mapping.
19 Sep 2022

Robotic Solution Revolutionizes Construction Layout Process

A robotic solution that prints the most complex construction site layouts with pinpoint accuracy, in a fraction of the time it takes manually - improving productivity by as much as ten times.
16 Sep 2022

Free-to-Attend Webinar - Electric Cars: The Road to Mass Market

Thursday 29 September 2022 - The webinar will cover 2022 H1 electric car sales; short term sales outlook and commentary; the latest EV policy by region; automaker and government EV targets; and powertrain trends which improve drive cycle efficiency
15 Sep 2022

Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics provides autonomous devices to reduce on-site injuries and increase productivity so builders can improve safety and enhance the effectiveness of every team member.
13 Sep 2022

3D Printing Soil with Embedded Seeds

Someday, maybe sooner than later, people building homes and offices may be able to 3D-print their roofs and walls using soil implanted with seeds thanks to new sustainability research. 3D-printing geometrically complex structures made of soil and seed is doable — introducing a key innovation in bio-based construction.
12 Sep 2022

Industry 5.0: Hype or Unprecedented Chance for Collaborative Robots?

Following the release of the brand new IDTechEx report, "Collaborative Robots (Cobots) 2023-2043: Technologies, Players & Markets", Yulin Wang (Technology Analyst at IDTechEx) explores Industry 5.0 and the impact on the collaborative robot market.
12 Sep 2022

Aidin Robotics

Aidin Robotics is a spin-off firm built on the technological expertise of Sungkyunkwan University's Robotics Innovatory Lab.
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9 Sep 2022

Wearable Robot Catches Fall

Researchers have developed a wearable assistive robot that can detect and prevent a fall before it happens, reducing the user's risk of sustaining injuries. The robot can also be used to aid patients' rehabilitation from their injuries.
8 Sep 2022

Built Robotics

Built Robotics Inc. is a San Francisco, California, US-based vehicular automation startup that develops software and hardware to automate construction equipment.
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8 Sep 2022

Cogniteam Ignites Robotics AI with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Edge AI

Cogniteam, a robotics company and creator of the Nimbus low-code robot development operating system, has integrated the latest NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform into its existing robot software packets. As a Preferred member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, Cogniteam had early access to the AGX Orin developer kit, which allowed the company to prepare a streamlined process for the next generation of edge robot capabilities.
7 Sep 2022

IDTechEx Assesses the Potential of Third Generation DNA Sequencing

Since its inception, DNA sequencing has brought about major advancements in our understanding of biology. The breadth of information this technology can offer has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, drug discovery, and many other fields.
7 Sep 2022

Robo-Bug: a Rechargeable, Remote-Controllable Cyborg Cockroach

Researchers have created remote controlled cyborg cockroaches, equipped with a tiny wireless control module that is powered by a rechargeable battery attached to a solar cell. Despite the mechanic devices, ultrathin electronics and flexible materials allow the insects to move freely. These achievements will help make the use of cyborg insects a practical reality.
6 Sep 2022

Accelerating Commercialisation of Soft and Stretchable Electronics

The next generation of robotic technology will produce soft machines and robots that are safe and comfortable for direct physical interaction with humans and for use in fragile environments. Unlike rigid electronics, soft and stretchable electronics can be used to create wearable technologies and implantable electronics where safe physical contact with biological tissue and other delicate materials is essential.