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The University of Surrey is a multidisciplinary higher education establishment based in Guildford, Surrey. A reputation for excellence in both teaching and research strong enterprise culture and an unrivaled record of graduate employment state-of-the-art facilities for both research, and teaching and learning modern, flexible taught programmes reflecting contemporary science and engineering and well-established links with industry, both nationally and internationally
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University of Surrey
11 Oct 2023

Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien
21 Jun 2023

Carbon Nanotubes 2023-2033: Market, Technology & Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Alex Holland
30 Jun 2022

Haptics 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets, and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
27 Jun 2022

A Focus on Chemistry, Not Electronics, for Future Solar Panels

A material that has been heralded as the key to producing more efficient next-generation solar panels could soon be ready for mass production, thanks to a new method developed by researchers.
29 Apr 2022

Advanced Material Development

Tess Skyrme, Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed Dr Richard Lee, CCO, and Tom Barlow, Business Development Manager, to get an update from early-stage company, Advanced Material Development, specifically on their innovations in 2D nano-materials, with applications including gas sensing, electronics, composites, photonics, and anti-counterfeiting.
1 Apr 2022

Diabetes Management Technologies 2022-2032: Markets, Players, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
29 Mar 2022

Biosensors for Point-of-Care Diagnostics 2022-2032: Technology, Opportunities, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
7 Mar 2022

Energy Harvesting Wearable Made From Recycled Waste

Wearable devices could soon be entirely made of recycled waste materials - and powered by human movement, thanks to a new energy-harvesting device developed by researchers.
11 Feb 2022

Flexible and Stretchy Supercapacitors Could Boost Battery Life for IoT

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and other Internet of Things devices could get a significant boost to their "battery" life thanks to new, environmentally friendly energy research.
11 Nov 2021

The Hidden Behaviour of Supercapacitor Materials

Researchers have developed a new analysis technique that will help scientists improve renewable energy storage by making better supercapacitors. The team's new approach enables researchers to investigate the complex inter-connected behaviour of supercapacitor electrodes made from layers of different materials.
13 Oct 2021

Researchers Breathe New Life into Paper Books with the Magic Bookmark

Researchers have developed a new, cost-effective, ecological solution for augmenting the printed page with rich, up-to-date digital content. The development overcomes one of the most significant advantages e-books have over paper books, helping paper maintain its strong position in its competition with electronic media.
23 Feb 2021

Energy Harvesting Technology to Make Roads Safer

An eco-friendly energy-harvesting smart sensor could help make roads safer by identifying potentially dangerous driver behaviour.
3 Feb 2021

Advanced Material Development

Advanced Material Development (AMD) commercializes research on 2D nanotechnology, and soft matter physics, based on industrial needs. IDTechEx spoke with John Lee (CEO).
11 Jan 2021

Breakthrough Manufacturing Process for Sensor for Smart Contact Lenses

Researchers report on how they have developed a breakthrough sensor system and manufacturing process. The global team of engineers reveal that the new contact lens sensor system contains a photodetector for receiving optical information, a temperature sensor for diagnosing potential corneal disease and a glucose sensor for directly monitoring the glucose levels in tear fluid.
10 Nov 2020

Towards High Performing Wearable and Eco-Disposable AI Electronics

Scientists unveiled a device with unique functionality that could signal the dawn of a new design philosophy for electronics, including next-generation wearables and eco-disposable sensors.
6 Nov 2020

University of Surrey/NovaCentrix

The University of Surrey, NovaCentrix and other organizations are collaborating to develop 'next generation paper'. This takes the form of a book that includes electronic functionality, enabling additional content that corresponds to each page to appear on a reader's phone or TV.
Included are:
20 Aug 2020

Battery Technology Capable of Capturing CO2 Emissions

The University of Surrey is to begin work on a new lithium-ion battery technology that is capable of capturing CO2 emissions, following an award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
3 Jun 2020

Fast-Charging Supercapacitor Technology

Experts from the University of Surrey believe their dream of clean energy storage is a step closer after they unveiled their ground-breaking super-capacitor technology that is able to store and deliver electricity at high power rates, particularly for mobile applications.
20 May 2020

Pretty as a Peacock: Gemstone for Next Generation of Smart Sensors

An international team of scientists has developed colour-changing, flexible photonic crystals that could be used to develop sensors that warn when an earthquake might strike next. The wearable, robust and low-cost sensors can respond sensitively to light, temperature, strain or other physical and chemical stimuli making them an extremely promising option for cost-effective smart visual sensing applications in a range of sectors including healthcare and food safety.
2 Jul 2019

Researchers clear runway for tin based perovskite solar cells

Researchers believe their tin based perovskite solar cell could clear the runway for solar panel technology to take off and help the UK reach its 2050 carbon neutral goal.