Axcess Active RFID Improves College Efficiency

Axcess Active RFID Improves College Efficiency
Axcess has provided the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with credential ID active tags, similar in size to a credit card, that are carried by students as an ID card. The system monitors these ID cards and records student attendance, replacing the paper-based method previously used. The system aims to reduce the administrative costs associated with managing the student attendance records by up to 80%.
According to William Dunbar, president of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine: "The method for verifying student attendance for financial aid was very cumbersome for the professors, and paperwork intensive for the staff. The Axcess system provides a way for us to automatically scan the building to record which students are in class on which days, providing the information needed for financial aid disbursement."

Student monitoring

Network receivers located throughout the building query the active tags once every hour and log the identification number of all tags found within range. Each tag's ID number is linked to the attendance database, which records the identity of each student in each class. This reporting is mandatory for students receiving financial aid.
Ben Donohue, vice president of business development at Axcess, added: "Our system is flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications while integrating with existing application software. This allowed us to work with the College to provide a solution to their previously time-intensive reporting process."

The tags

Axcess' ActiveTag is a battery-powered RFID tag that typically transmits data from 30 to 100 feet. The reader units are connected to existing network and/or security systems, allowing the system to automatically trigger security video recording and live remote video transmission if required. The tags are already in use in a variety of applications including access control, asset tracking and protection, and other specialized sensing systems.