IDTechEx Research new report on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles

IDTechEx Research new report on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles
IDTechEx Research, a leading provider of independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology, announces the availability of a new report, Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037.
This report reveals how energy independent electric vehicles (EIV) are about to become a major investment target as their status passes from curiosity to being a widely-recognised, huge market opportunity. Road vehicles, boats and aircraft are being prepared for sale that are variously powered by electricity from on-board wind turbines, solar and alternatives. A few are on sale right now. These are the kernel of a business of over $100 billion in EIVs employing multi-mode energy harvesting, extreme powertrain efficiency and other new advances. Investment in these new technologies is derisked by the fact that they will also be useful way beyond EIVs. The leading solar racer company has already spun off five businesses exploiting its discoveries in aerodynamics and the like.
The report uses easily understood infograms, graphs and tables to present the discoveries and interpretation by globetrotting multi-lingual, PhD level analysts at IDTechEx. There are even latest inputs from 2017. Forty-seven categories of electric vehicle are forecasted by number and value from 2017-2027. The report provides a profusion of examples and new market research.
Utilities and charging station networks are bypassed. Batteries become less important in EVs. Less battery may be needed - sometimes no battery at all - but the report forecasts multi-billion dollar businesses being created that make the unprecedentedly efficient powertrains, multi-mode energy harvesting, lightweighting and streamlining required. The reinvented car, boat and plane awaits, easier to use, safer, greener, with lower cost of ownership and longer life. Previously impossible missions are identified in the report and the boost to mobile robotics is revealed. Discover how remote communities and developing countries will prosper as a consequence. Participate and invest before the herd. Here is the knowledge that gives you the power.
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