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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
12 May 2022


Valencell is one of the market leaders in providing PPG technology for wearable sensors/biometrics. Tess interviewed Dr LeBoeuf (President and Co-founder) about Valencell's development of cuffless blood pressure, hearables, and the shift in the wearable sector from fitness to health.
9 May 2022


Dispelix is a Finnish firm designing surface relief grating diffractive waveguides for consumer augmented reality devices. Unlike other companies' designs, they use a single waveguide layer for full RGB color — this helps to decrease weight but increases design complexity. Its in-house design software was developed specifically to solve this issue. The company is in the process of scaling production with its fab partners.
3 May 2022

Cue Health

Cue Health offers a point-of-care diagnostic test platform for at-home testing of respiratory diseases.
12 Apr 2022

Laser Light, Dye and a Nonsurgical Implant Help Overcome Obesity

When dieting and exercise aren't enough, weight-loss surgery can be an effective obesity treatment. But people who don't want surgery have other options, including insertion of an appetite-suppressing balloon or other implant in the stomach. Now, researchers report that they have augmented that procedure in laboratory animals by coating an implant with a laser-activated dye that kills cells producing ghrelin, the "hunger hormone."
14 Mar 2022

Abbott Point of Care

Abbott Point of Care and rapid diagnostics is a segment of Abbott Laboratories' diagnostics division. Abbott is the leader of the point-of-care diagnostics industry. The segment's products focus on infectious diseases and cardiometabolic disease diagnostics.
11 Mar 2022

Visby Medical

Visby Medical develops qualitative, single-use, rapid diagnostics for sexually transmitted diseases and COVID-19.
9 Mar 2022

Cionic's Neural Sleeve Granted FDA Clearance

Cionic is proud to announce that its first product offering, the lightweight leg-worn Cionic Neural Sleeve, has been granted FDA clearance for "functional electrical stimulation to assist in gait for people with foot drop and leg muscle weakness." This FDA clearance allows Cionic to take their Neural Sleeve to market .
7 Mar 2022


Zentek specialize in the use of graphene oxide and other nanomaterials primarily for healthcare applications. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Francis Dubé (Executive Chairman, Director).
1 Mar 2022

3D Systems to Expand Healthcare Applications Portfolio

3D Systems has entered into an agreement to acquire Kumovis, a Munich, Germany-based additive manufacturing solutions provider for personalized healthcare applications. Kumovis' solutions are built upon their unique extrusion technology specifically developed for precision printing of medical-grade, high-performance polymers such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone).
8 Feb 2022

Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal's healthcare business unit, Desktop Health, launched its first DLP printer called the Einstein in February 2022.
27 Jan 2022

Movia Robotics

Movia Robotics is a US-based start-up specialising in companion robots for children with autism.
25 Jan 2022


Alertgy is a US-based biotech startup currently developing the Alertgy NICGM, a noninvasive CGM device in the form of a wristband. IDTechEx analyst Brendan Beh spoke with Alertgy CEO, Marc Rippen, on 18 January 2022.
25 Jan 2022

Sensor Grids Record Human Brain Signals in Record-Breaking Resolution

High-resolution recordings of electrical signals from the surface of the brain could improve neurosurgeons' ability to remove brain tumors and treat epilepsy, and could open up new possibilities for medium- and longer- term brain-computer interfaces.
12 Jan 2022

First Successful Transplant of Pig Heart into Adult Human

In a first-of-its-kind surgery, a 57-year-old patient with terminal heart disease received a successful transplant of a genetically-modified pig heart and is still doing well five days later. It was the only currently available option for the patient.
4 Jan 2022


Grapheal develops wearable and disposable biosensors for continuous monitoring and on-site diagnosis.
17 Dec 2021

FDA-Approved Eye Drop for Age-Related Blurry Near Vision Available

The first and only eye drop approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat presbyopia, is now available by prescription. Presbyopia, or age-related blurry near vision, can be diagnosed through a basic eye exam by an eye doctor.
6 Dec 2021

Electrical Current Instead of Radiation in Diagnosing Breast Cancer

A safe, painless diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer that uses a low electrical current instead of radiation. Mammograms are a safe, effective way to detect the presence of breast cancer in women. But doctors recommend most females should start getting mammograms after the age of 40 in part because the procedure involves small doses of ionizing radiation.
1 Dec 2021


Kumovis is a German company manufacturing FDM printers for medical 3D printing. IDTechEx spoke with Miriam Hearst, co-CEO and co-founder of Kumovis.
30 Nov 2021

The Most Significant Advanced Materials News from 2021

With the pandemic still raging, supply chain disruptions, the chip shortage, climate catastrophes, and geopolitical turbulence, it is safe to say 2021 has not been smooth sailing. The materials and chemical sector provides the backbone of every industry and remains under pressure from all these challenges. In this article, IDTechEx highlights the key news from their independent perspective on this crucial industry.
30 Nov 2021

Silicone Nanochip can Reprogram Biological Tissue in Living Body

A silicone device that can change skin tissue into blood vessels and nerve cells has advanced from prototype to standardized fabrication, meaning it can now be made in a consistent, reproducible way.