Autonomous vehicles reinvented

Dr Peter Harrop
Autonomous vehicles reinvented
ARM is at the top of its game and its remarkable advances lead the field in most of the sectors covered in the forthcoming IDTechEx Show! May 10-11, with its 3000 paying delegates, 200 exhibitors and 225 presentations in nine parallel conferences. That is why ARM is giving a cornerstone presentation at the start of all of them.
The cornerstone will cover ARM's approach to the Internet of Things. That will embrace wearable technology covered at the event but also robotics and the closely allied topic of autonomous vehicles covered at the event.
In its first big launch this year, ARM has revealed DynamicIQ for the complex task of enabling full autonomy of navigation and task in vehicles land, water and air. Involving artificial intelligence, the new design will also have application in data centers. Within five years it will be performing 50 times better than existing chips faced with applications involving artificial intelligence, promises the company.
In the conference Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing at IDTechEx Show! May 10-11, the coverage of autonomous vehicles uniquely spans from legal issues (University of Ghent) to an overview of the technology and market trends for autonomy from planes to underwater vehicles.
In this conference and eight parallel ones, associated technologies from 3D printing to sensors are covered in depth but it is the breadth of the coverage that is also unique. For example, no other event reveals the intimate relationship between energy independent electric vehicles (five presentations many on autonomous versions), independence of navigation and task and future electric powertrains. You can even hear about an autonomous boat that can climb mountains at 45 degrees for search and rescue.
For the first time this is all assessed alongside new energy storage, energy harvesting and new range extenders including rotary combustion and fuel cells. Delegates can flit between these sessions as they wish. Indeed, on May 9 and 12 a total of 25 Masterclasses presented by globally acknowledged experts are optionally available too. Come see the future!