September edition of Smart Labels Analyst Free!

September edition of Smart Labels Analyst Free!
The September issue of Smart Labels Analyst is free. Download the journal here.

About Smart Labels Analyst

In depth analysis on emerging RFID and Smart Label technologies from this leading independent journal. We invest tens of thousands of dollars to send our technical experts to conferences and organisations you may not visit. We travel intensively from New Zealand to China, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Read new forecasts, technology assessments and more. This is not another newsletter full of misleading press releases. It is serious analysis with numbers, figures and graphs.
This journal gives a balanced view of the subject, and to this end we do not accept paid advertising or sponsorship.
Further, we seek to provide original useful material, not available elsewhere. For example, we attend many of the conferences you may miss and we analyse their content. We visit faraway places where interesting work is being done and give you the news first. We interpret future trends. Our technical graduates travel the world intensively on your behalf. We also commission many guest columnists giving insights from their expertise.
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