Start-up or research company? Explore IDTechEx Launchpad Initiative

Start-up or research company? Explore IDTechEx Launchpad Initiative
The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative is open to early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, research labs and government labs who can demonstrate a working prototype or product that highlights new advances in any of the related event topics of: 3d printing, electric vehicles, energy harvesting, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.
IDTechEx Launchpad is a new initiative being introduced at the IDTechEx Show! in April. The initiative will provide the opportunity for researchers and young companies to demonstrate their state-of-the-art technologies to over 2,500 people at this international event. It is FREE for eligible researchers and companies to participate. Spaces are limited to 10 organisations, which will be featured in the exhibition hall, alongside an estimated 170 exhibitors. The exhibition will provide a premier networking platform with multiple opportunities to meet CEO/VP-level end-users, manufacturers and system integrators from around the world.
We invite you to apply to exhibit free of charge:
It is FREE for eligible researchers and companies to apply, the winning entries will each receive a free table-top exhibitor place in the IDTechEx Launchpad zone; which is limited to ten places. The exhibit space will include a table, 2 chairs, electric, and two passes to the exhibition and promotion as an IDTechEx Launchpad exhibitor.
*Please note that if you have previously exhibited at an IDTechEx event you will not be eligible to apply.
How to apply for Launchpad:
The submission should comprise of a 2 page summary/abstract along with the application, including supporting materials. It must state which demonstrators will be shown. The application closing date is 31st January. Successful selected entrants will be notified on 12th February and will need to confirm their participation by 19th February.
For further information please contact Sarah Parish, Exhibition Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1223 812300