Research Articles

by Dr Alex Holland

14 Mar 2022

Secondo IDTechEx, le alternative alle batterie al litio giocheranno un ruolo chiave per lo stoccaggio stazionario

Mentre le batterie agli ioni di litio rimangono la scelta dominante per i dispositivi di consumo, i veicoli elettrici e lo stoccaggio stazionario per ora, l'importanza dei prodotti chimici delle batterie non al litio è destinata a crescere notevolmente nei prossimi 10 anni, soprattutto nel settore dello stoccaggio stazionario dell'energia. Entro il 2025, IDTechEx prevede che >10% del mercato stazionario sarà rappresentato da prodotti chimici non al litio, da <5% nel 2021.
10 Feb 2022

Are Advanced Anode Technologies the Way Forward for Li-ion Batteries?

Li-ion batteries are beginning to hit their performance ceiling, especially with regards to energy density. However, a shift in the anode materials used, namely to silicon or lithium-metal anodes, could provide a stepwise improvement to energy density. Their promise can be highlighted by looking at the high number of early-stage companies primarily developing anode materials, most being focussed on silicon, compared to other areas of Li-ion development.
05 Jan 2022

La concorrenza nel mercato degli anodi di silicio è destinata a intensificarsi

L'interesse commerciale per gli anodi di silicio e gli investimenti in aziende start-up è continuato fino al 2021 - IDTechEx stima che 1,9 miliardi di dollari di finanziamenti si sono fatti strada nelle start-up di anodi di silicio. Oltre agli investimenti, c'è stata anche una maggiore attività per quanto riguarda le aziende che iniziano a concedere in licenza le tecnologie, entrare in rapporti di fornitura o commercializzare le tecnologie nei mercati early adopter, evidenziando che la promessa della tecnologia degli anodi di silicio potrebbe presto essere realizzata.
14 Dec 2021

Battery Technology Primed for Diversification

To date, Li-ion batteries have been the go-to technology for vehicle electrification and new stationary energy storage systems. However, the supply chain for Li-ion production is coming under increasing scrutiny with bottlenecks feasible during the second half of the 2020s, creating a potential opportunity for alternative battery chemistries not reliant on lithium, cobalt, or nickel.
23 Nov 2021

Accumulo di energia nel 2021: Sfide e opportunità

Le tecnologie di stoccaggio dell'energia stanno subendo una trasformazione impegnativa, vitale in un clima emergente che richiede sempre più energie rinnovabili e hardware riciclabile. Coprendo un ampio portafoglio di tecnologie di immagazzinamento dell'energia, la loro storia e le loro prospettive per il futuro, IDTechEx esamina come il settore dell'immagazzinamento dell'energia si è comportato nell'ultimo anno e dove è diretto per il prossimo.
23 Aug 2021

Many Trends to Track for Li-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

With the growing momentum behind the electric vehicle market comes an added importance of understanding the Li-ion batteries that power them, the variety of design choices available, and trends in their implementation.
16 Jun 2021

Technology Development to Drive Long-term EV Adoption

The resilience of global electric vehicle (EV) sales during 2020 provided some optimism as to the maturing state of the electric vehicle market. However, sales are still primarily underpinned by government policy, and improvements in cost and performance to Li-ion cells and packs, not to forget other aspects of the vehicle or grid infrastructure, are needed for widespread adoption.
11 Jun 2021

Short Term Growth Prospects for Renewable Fuels

Limits on the amount of bioethanol and biodiesel that can be blended with conventional fossil fuels mean growth in the consumption of certain biofuels has slowed considerably over the past 5 years. However, with CO2 targets becoming increasingly stringent, and some sectors being difficult to electrify, alternative fuels are likely to still be needed over the coming years.
06 Apr 2021

Volkswagen's Long-term, High-Manganese Cathode Strategy

In this article IDTechEx provides commentary on the reference during Volkswagen's recent Power Day to their long-term strategy of employing high-manganese cathodes for their 'volume segment'. What does 'high-manganese' refer to, and how do they compare to other cathode materials?
19 Feb 2021

An Introduction to E-Fuels: A Long-Term Prospect

Growth in global energy consumption has caused CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to rise, in turn causing an increase in average global temperatures. The combustion of fossil fuels including coal, oil, and natural gas, has been a key driver behind this, providing the underlying driver for the production and use of non-fossil alternative fuels that can help reduce emissions.
15 Dec 2020

IDTechEx Highlights 2020: Energy Storage Research

Energy storage technologies have undergone several years of sustained growth stemming from progress in markets such as consumer devices and the quest for decarbonization kick-starting growth in electric vehicle (EV) and stationary energy storage demand.
14 Dec 2020

EC Proposes Regulation to Improve Li-ion Sustainability

The European Commission (EC) has proposed stricter regulations regarding the sustainability of batteries.