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Research Articles

by Chingis Idrissov

28 Nov 2023

Material Innovation to Drive the Water Electrolyzer Market

In an era marked by a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions, the hydrogen industry is at the forefront of this transformative wave. Green hydrogen, produced through water electrolysis-powered renewable energy, stands out as a key solution for decarbonizing sectors where direct electrification remains a challenge.
04 Oct 2023

From Fuel Cells to Feedstocks: A Guide to Hydrogen Applications

As the energy and industrial landscapes experience transformative shifts, the hydrogen economy stands at the threshold of sustainable growth. The envisioned hydrogen value chain will integrate production, storage, and distribution systems, supporting a wide array of applications that span industrial processes to various transportation sectors.
15 Aug 2023

Colmare Il Divario: Stoccaggio E Distribuzione Nella Catena Del Valore Dell'idrogeno

Negli ultimi anni, l'interesse e l'attività nel settore dell'idrogeno hanno subito un'accelerazione, sotto la spinta dei governi che riconoscono il ruolo dell'idrogeno nella transizione energetica e delle aziende di tutto il mondo che capitalizzano le opportunità di mercato emergenti attraverso la fornitura di servizi, prodotti, tecnologie e progetti.
12 Jul 2023

Global Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market to Reach US$130 Billion by 2033

The hydrogen economy envisions a future energy infrastructure where low-carbon hydrogen is utilized to decarbonize critical industrial sectors and long-haul transportation while satisfying the increasing demand for low-carbon energy.
02 Jun 2023

Methane Pyrolysis: Unlocking the Potential of Turquoise Hydrogen

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hydrogen, the global push for low-carbon hydrogen production is accelerating the exploration of sustainable, scalable, and economically viable technologies.
12 Apr 2023

Autothermal Reforming: A Promising Technology for Blue Hydrogen

Blue hydrogen production is gaining traction, with announcements of large-scale projects, funding, and government support worldwide. According to IDTechEx's analysis, the blue hydrogen market will be worth US$34 billion by 2033. But which technology will drive most of this capacity and market growth?
21 Feb 2023

Global Blue Hydrogen Market to Reach US$34 Billion by 2033

Blue hydrogen refers to the production of hydrogen from fossil fuels, mostly through natural gas reforming or coal gasification, in which most CO2 emissions are captured and stored or used in products via carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies.