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adidas Wearable Sports Electronics
26 May 2016

Catapult Sports

The adidas WSE MiCoach and similar platforms started focused towards professional sports. They still service this market, but have turned their attention to the larger opportunity in the consumer space.
24 Mar 2015

Apple, Samsung, LG Chem move into the flexible batteries business

After years of slow progress from small companies, flexible batteries now have the attention of big brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG Chemical, Nokia and STMicroelectronics, who are set to drive the flexible battery market from US$ 6.9 million in 2015 to over US$ 400 million in 2025 according to IDTechEx Research.
25 Dec 2014


Teiimo are a small but experienced e-textile company based in Germany. They have recently completed demonstrators for biometric sports apparel which they demonstrated at the IDTechEx Show in Berlin.
19 Nov 2014

Wearable Technologies Enabling Athletes to Unleash Their Best

adidas Wearable Sports Electronics, United States
14 Apr 2014

E-textiles come center stage

So far, there is very little true e-textile in production - that is, textiles with electronic and/or electric functionality based on weavable e-fibers. That is now changing.
24 Mar 2014

Tesla's Battery Coup - Winners and Losers

Ground breaking news were announced by Tesla at the end of February 2014. This is their intention to build a lithium battery manufacturing plant with a capacity of 35 GWh/year by 2020, this is the so called "Gigafactory". Read this article in order to understand what is the impact of these plans to the whole industry.
10 Dec 2013

adidas Wearable Sports Electronics

Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics have been a significant player in the e-textiles and smart clothing place since their acquisition of Textronics in 2008. IDTechEx have interviewed many senior staff from this division over the years and have updated this profile in full for 2016.