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9 May 2022


Dispelix is a Finnish firm designing surface relief grating diffractive waveguides for consumer augmented reality devices. Unlike other companies' designs, they use a single waveguide layer for full RGB color — this helps to decrease weight but increases design complexity. Its in-house design software was developed specifically to solve this issue. The company is in the process of scaling production with its fab partners.
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16 Mar 2022


16 Feb 2022

Jade Bird Display

Jade Bird Display (JBD) is a Shanghai-based developer and manufacturer of microLED microdisplays and projection engines which are mainly targeted at augmented reality (AR) devices. The company operates on a fab model and manufactures high pixel density (>5000PPI) polychrome and monochrome displays and light engines — its solutions are currently in several commercially available AR devices. JBD displays are also suited for use in HUDs, sports optics, holographic sights, and 3D printing, but this profile concentrates on AR.
6 Jan 2022


6 Jan 2022


while not yet necessarily profitable, it is not reliant on external funding. Waveguide technology frequently improved in terms of specifications - Lumus keeps innovating. New products e.g. Minimus tend to target intelligent niches.
27 Mar 2020

Waveguides in AR and MR devices

Waveguides are an important part of augmented reality or mixed reality device. This premium article introduces waveguides, based on data from the IDTechEx Report "Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality 2020-2030".
15 Jan 2020


Dispelix are a company that create waveguides for AR products. IDTechEx interviewed Dispelix's Co-founder and CEO Antti Sunnari and discussed the current position of the company.
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1 Nov 2019


Dispelix was founded in 2011, and span out of VTT in 2015. IDTechEx visited their booth at AWE EU 2019 to learn about their latest progress in setting up their manufacturing facility for their waveguide products.
4 May 2016


Dr Harry Zervos spoke to Antti Sunnari, CEO and co-founder of Dispelix, a company that's looking to commercialize a new type of lightguide optic structure that could disrupt the market for AR smartglasses due to low material and manufacturing costs as well as light weight.
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30 Nov 2015

Novel see-through display for smart eye wear

The technology is based on lightguide optics, which provide a simple way to transfer an information stream from a miniaturized image source to the user's eye.