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26 Jul 2016

Adoption of electric vehicles in Mexico

Mexico is not widely adopting pure electric vehicles on its roads partly because of inadequate incentives but also because charging infrastructure is inadequate in such a large country and there is no payback from putting it in.
4 Apr 2014

Electric Golf Cars and Caddies 2014-2024

This electric vehicle segment is usually underestimated by companies, however it is becoming interesting for those companies developing Micro EVs and off road electric vehicles.
17 Jan 2013

Electric cars: Success by a different route

Everything about an electric car is facing total change. Different materials for bodywork, structural components leading to smart skin, laminar electrics, printed electronics and totally new components are coming along.
18 Dec 2012

Vibrancy in electric buses contrasts gloom in electric cars

The market for electric buses and taxis at ex-factory prices will rise 8.7 times from $6.24 billion in 2011 to $ 54 billion in 2021. Of course, the largest part of that will be buses and detailed figures to 2022 are given in the report.
2 Mar 2012

The Dilemma of Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles

Many companies now offer fast chargers for on-road vehicles though very few have been installed. For instance, Japan has only installed 80 across the whole country.
20 Jan 2012

EV event uniquely reflecting the new realities

We have entered 2012 with an electric vehicle scene that is very different from that which was envisaged not long ago. There are now six key enabling technologies not three and vehicle makers increasingly make some of them, so suppliers increasingly have to compete with their largest potential customers. Precious metals in EV components are being removed remarkably rapidly.
2 Jun 2011

Off-road electric vehicles see rapid change

The highly successful manufacturer of conventional off-road vehicles, $2 billion Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) has recently launched a pure electric Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle NEV. Now it has added the leader in that sector encompassing closed communities rather than open highways. Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM), a wholly owned Fargo, N.D. based subsidiary of Chrysler Group LLC. GEM is a leader within the low-speed vehicle market, with approximately $30 million in sales during the 2010 calendar year. Since the company was established in 1998, it has placed more than 45,000 electric-powered NEVs on the road worldwide.
20 Jul 2010

Charging infrastructure urgently needed

Over 100 manufacturers now offer pure electric on-road cars yet their combined sales remain much less than one company, Ingersoll Rand, achieves with pure electric golf cars. The main problem is that there is almost nowhere to plug them in.
22 Jun 2010

Here comes China - part two

Golf cars
15 Jul 2009

Kovio Raises $20 Million in Venture Capital to Ship RF Barcodes

Kovio, Inc., a privately held company developing printed silicon electronics, today announced that to date it has raised $20 million in Series E financing