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25 Mar 2021

Geely Auto Forms New Premium Electric Car Company - Zeekr

Geely Auto Group has announced the formation of a new company, Zeekr Company Limited, a new electric mobility technology and solutions company based in China that will serve growing global demand for premium electric vehicles.
18 Sep 2020

48V Full Hybrid, 48V Mild Hybrid, 48V BEV Cars: Markets, Technology Roadmap 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
24 Jun 2020


Lotus is a significant historic British car manufacturer. Lotus has experienced a troubled financial past, but the purchase by Geely has looked to rejuvenate the brand with a focus on electrification.
Included are:
2 Apr 2020

Protean Electric

Protean are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of in-wheel motors. Their technology allows for the entire drive and brake unit to be housed inside the wheel along with associated electronics. With the technology demonstrated, the challenge is to see a greater adoption across the electric vehicle market.
17 Jul 2019

Lotus Evija pure electric British hypercar

The world's first fully electric British hypercar, the all-new Lotus Evija, has been revealed. It is the first hypercar from Lotus, and the company's first model with an electrified powertrain. It is the first completely new car to be launched under the stewardship of Geely.
4 Sep 2014

What's in store? The future of batteries to be revealed

A current major topic of conversation within the advanced battery and electric vehicle industry is the future of battery technology and chemistries in the context of energy density, safety and cost.
15 Dec 2013

OXIS Energy

Oxis Energy is a lithium sulphur battery technology developer company based in the UK. It is one of the few companies developing this technology. Targeting the automotive, defense and energy storage market the company has developed partnerships and received invesments from companies across the whole value chain of the electric vehicle industry.
15 Nov 2013

Polaris Industries

Polaris Industries is a quoted US manufacturer of small conventional and pure electric vehicles, mainly nostalgic conventional motorcycles and leisure and industrial off-road small four wheelers.
27 Jan 2012

New 2012 forecasts for Electric Vehicles

Old electric vehicle reports are useless: the subject is moving too fast. IDTechEx is the only analyst with 18 current reports forecasting sales of electric vehicles and their key components and they are kept up to date. Information is fed into these documents continuously as the PhD level IDTechEx analysts tour the world's companies, research institutes and conferences to spot the many changes in technology and business success and interpret them.
21 Nov 2011

Visit to Polaris Industries Minnesota

Electric Vehicles Research invests heavily to seek out new insights into the EV industry. In recent weeks that has taken us to Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia. In Switzerland we reported on Swissauto, the latest acquisition of Polaris Industries the $2 billion leader in off road vehicles.
30 Sep 2011

Zero emission fuel cell taxi for the London 2012 Olympics

The London Taxi is an iconic vehicle, with currently over 21,000 in operation in London alone. A fleet of diesel vehicles this size that operates for many hours of the day inevitably makes a substantial contribution to traffic emissions, not just of CO2 but also nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulates. Changing to a zero emission taxi will have a marked effect on the pollution levels in London.
12 Jul 2011

Electric vehicle range extenders - a large new market

This article shares some of the research in the new IDTechEx report, {{Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles | http://www.idtechex.com/research/reports/range-extenders-for-electric-vehicles-2011-2021-000276.asp}}. We are in the age of the hybrid electric vehicle which is strongly outselling the pure electric vehicle in market value though not in numbers over the next decade.
25 May 2011

Range extenders for hybrid vehicles - second vs third generation

We are in the decade of the hybrid electric vehicle despite the fact that most off road and underwater vehicles are pure electric.
22 Apr 2011

More on 2nd vs 3rd Generation Range Extenders

There is no doubt that hybrid electric vehicles by land sea and air are transitioning from having small traction batteries and near useless all electric range of about 15 miles to something nearer to market needs. In prospect is all-electric plug-in range as good or better than today's affordable pure electric land, sea and air vehicles at 100 miles or so (162 km) and use of on-board range extenders that give a total plug-in powered plus on-board energy range that even exceeds that of most of today's conventional vehicles.
18 Apr 2011

Range extenders for hybrid vehicles -2nd vs. 3rd generation

We are in the decade of the hybrid electric vehicle despite the fact that most off road and underwater vehicles are pure electric.
30 Sep 2010

How hybrids will transmute into pure EVs - The REEV

A consortium of automotive partners including US owned European electric vehicle manufacturer Think, Indian owned, Jaguar Land Rover of the UK, US owned Lotus of the UK and Nissan of Japan has been granted £9.5m by the UK government to aid research into range-extended electric vehicles (REEV).
19 Jul 2010

Report on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Event

Dr Peter Harrop reports back on the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles conference - Powertrain development, technology and trends