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NanoMas Technologies, Inc. engages in the research, development, engineering, and commercialization of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. We offer various inks such as silver and gold nanoparticle inks, conjugated polymer inks, and polymer dielectric inks, as well as conductor and semiconductor nanocrystal inks for printable electronics. We also develop functional nanoparticulates, including silver and gold nanoparticles and decorated carbon nanotubes. In addition inks and nanoparticulates, NanoMas provides carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers incorporating various physical, mechanical, electrical and optical properties for applications in multifunctional polymer nanocomposites, biosensors and medical diagnostics, and novel drug delivery. These inks are designed for applications in various technologies including:
  • Flexible and flat panel displays
  • Radio frequency identification antenna and integrated circuits
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Reflective mirrors and metallic coatings
  • Printable solar cells
Our innovative technologies allow production of printable conductor, semiconductor, and dielectric inks for printed electronics.
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NanoMas Technologies
14 Feb 2019

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Printed Electronics in Japan (part I)

From July through September 2013 we have visited 35 companies and interviewed many delegates at our Printed Electronics Asia event in Tokyo as well as reviewing the lectures and talking to the lecturers. This article shares some of the trends in Japanese printed electronics and allied subjects that have emerged. It is only a taster from the huge database of information acquired and interpreted by IDTechEx analysts. Over the years, the task has been made difficult by the Japanese predilection for changing company names and this cannot help their business activity.
5 Aug 2013

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16 Jul 2013

Gold conductive inks- where are the markets?

This article discusses opportunities for printable nano-gold inks. The conductivity of nano gold inks are similar or lower than most existing printable pastes and inks including the silver based ones. The lower conductivity translates into a larger volume for reaching the same conductivity level. Gold is also more expensive per kilogram than most other metals. This means that gold inks are both over-priced and underperforming, suggesting that they will locked out of most volume applications. The question will therefore be what attributes do gold inks offer that can create niche market segments, what these niche markets are likely to be and how large they will become. The article exactly addresses these questions.
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19 Jan 2011

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Cars that glow in the dark and have far more passenger space, aircraft and submarines that monitor their complete outer surface, military vehicles that destroy missiles that hit them. The common factor here is smart skin.
14 Oct 2010

Conductive Nanoparticle Inks for Flexible and Printable Electronics

NanoMas Technologies, United States
3 Dec 2009

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NanoMas Technologies Inc, USA, United States