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nScrypt is a capital equipment company that provides equipment for the manufacturing floor and research labs for micro-dispensing, 3D printing and Printed Electronics. nScrypt's unique approach to precision is enabling for back end electronic packaging. In addition to standard manufacturing, nScrypt was first to combine 3D Printing, Printed Electronics, Pick and Place, milling, laser processing, pre and post Z scanning and a full vision package for complete automation. Options for this are on a single platform or multiple platforms with multiple nozzles that are integrated together in a standard production line to increase through put.
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nScrypt, Inc.
1 Jun 2023

Additive Electronics

21 Dec 2022

Manufacturing Printed Electronics 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson
21 Nov 2022


6 Oct 2022

Polymer Additive Manufacturing 2023-2033: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
22 Aug 2022

ACI Materials

ACI Materials manufactures a range of conductive inks, provided as part of a 'full-stack' functional material portfolio. It targets applications across printed/hybrid electronics, especially in the wearable technology market with its stretchable inks. IDTechEx caught up with Marshall Tibbetts (COO), Andrew Bambach (Application Engineering Manager) and Mike Mastropietro (CTO).
2 Aug 2022

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2023-2033: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
18 Mar 2022

3D Electronics/Additive Electronics 2022-2032

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson
1 Mar 2021

Event Summary: Nano Dimension AME Academy

On 23rd February 2021 Nano Dimension organized and hosted a short conference on additively manufactured electronics (AME). IDTechEx was pleased to be invited as a speaker, and gave an overview of what we believe are the most promising future applications for additive electronics manufacturing. This premium article summarizes presentations given at the event.
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson, Raghu Das and Dr Richard Collins
23 Sep 2020

Nano Dimension

8 Jul 2020


Ceradrop manufacture digital printing equipment for the printed electronics industry and smart 3D printing. They offer both stand alone and industrial equipment.
10 Jun 2020


nScyrpt manufacturers 3D printing equipment, with a single machine capable of micro-dispensing many materials, extruding polymers, pick-and-place of electrical components, and even mechanical milling. This profile focuses on their application in 3D electronics, although nScrypt also target other applications including printing biological materials.
Included are:
27 Jun 2016

First heart structure 3D printed in zero gravity with human stem cells

A trio of high-tech companies have teamed up to develop a space hardened 3D bioprinter capable of manufacturing human organs and tissues in orbit.
12 May 2016

FlexTech completes flexible hybrid electronics projects

FlexTech has announced the formal completion of three flexible hybrid electronics R&D projects under its U.S. Army Research Laboratory technology investment agreement.
31 Mar 2016

IDTechEx Show! ARDEC Win Best Development 3D Printing Equipment Award

A presentation by ARDEC, winner of the IDTechEx 3D Printed USA award in the category of "Best Development in 3D Printing".
9 Mar 2016


19 Nov 2015

How 3D Printing will enable the future of Direct Digital Manufacturing

nScrypt, Inc.United States
19 Nov 2015

Best Innovations in 3D Printing Machines and Materials

Each year at the IDTechEx Show!, the analysts from IDTechEx and other thought leaders present awards to companies leading research, innovation and commercialisation in they industries they cover.
19 Nov 2015

Winners of the 2015 IDTechEx awards on EH, IoT and 3D Printing

This year's IDTechEx awards on 3D Printing, Energy Harvesting & Storage and the Internet of Things were announced on Wednesday, Nov 18, during the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California. The 5 awards were presented by Mr John LeMoncheck, President & CEO of Cambrios, a distinguished leader of both innovative startups and public companies.
5 Nov 2015

New 3D additive fabrication tool released by NovaCentrix and nScrypt

NovaCentrix and nScrypt are excited to announce the first public showing of their new integrated equipment designed especially for 3D additive fabrication.