Optinvent is the leading maker of wearable tech products with patented technologies and extensive know-how in the field. Their first product, the ORA-1 is a smart glass platform based on a large see-through virtual display capable of supporting a multitude of hands free mobile computing applications with record setting performance and form factor. The ORA-X due out soon is a revolutionary new product category, Intelligent headphones destined for consumers.
ORA-1® and ORA-X® are registered trademarks of Optinvent SA, for more information please visit: http://www.optinvent.com
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27 Feb 2024

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9 Nov 2023

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14 Aug 2023

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25 May 2023


French designer of plastic reflective waveguides, current commercial use unknown.
20 Mar 2023

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21 Sep 2022

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29 Jun 2022


Optinvent could be considered LetinAR's closest competitor regarding the manufacture of plastic reflective waveguides.
6 Jan 2022


Optinvent designs and produces geometric/reflective optical waveguides, which are unique due to their construction from monolithic injection molded plastic elements. Their chief use is in augmented reality glasses, but they are also used in avionics applications. The upcoming generation can expand images in 2D. The company also used to produce smart glasses with their waveguides but has pivoted towards being a pure waveguide design house.
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11 Apr 2019

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17 Nov 2016

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2 Feb 2016

Epson Eyewear Division

24 Aug 2015


Optinvent is a technology company in Rennes, France, developing the ORA-1 smartglasses, making the company one of the few companies in the highly active space for smart eyewear with a product offering that's currently available for sale, albeit to developers only at this stage.
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10 Aug 2015

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9 Aug 2015

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11 Mar 2015

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