Sumitomo Chemical

Sumitomo Chemical

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Sumitomo Chemical
25 Mar 2024

JSR Corporation

JSR Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in materials innovation for various industries, such as digital solutions, life sciences, and plastics. IDTechEx spoke with JSR at Semicon Europe 2023
18 Mar 2024


Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (TOK) is a Japan-based company that supplies photoresist material for the semiconductor industry. IDTechEx spoke with TOK at Semicon Europe 2023 to discuss its product offerings, specifically focused on those for advanced semiconductor packaging
6 Oct 2023


H2Pro are an Israeli start-up company looking to develop and commercialise a new alkaline electrolysis process and electrolyzer design.
27 Sep 2023


20 Sep 2023

Emerging Image Sensor Technologies 2024-2034: Applications and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
9 Aug 2023

Sumitomo Electric Industries (Redox Flow Batteries)

Sumitomo Electric Industries, part of the Sumitomo Corporation, develop and manufacture vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) for large-scale applications.
3 Jul 2023


NanoScent is an Israeli start-up that has developed a gas sensing technology for continuous measurement of impurity levels in hydrogen streams. IDTechEx spoke to NanoScent at the World Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This profile focuses on its offering for the hydrogen value chain.
8 Jun 2023

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. is a public Japanese chemical company offering a wide range of products including energy and functional materials, pharmaceutical and healthcare materials, construction materials, and many other chemicals and materials. At Thermal Management Expo 2023, IDTechEx talked with Masaki Kido, the Commercial Manager of Sumitomo Chemical.
13 Jan 2023

Connected Energy

Connected Energy (CE) are headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The company operate in Europe to provide and enable second-life battery energy storage systems (BESS) and began working in this market in 2013.
5 Oct 2022

Wearable Sensors 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Tess Skyrme
1 Feb 2022


open-seneca is a citizen science project dedicated to the mapping of air pollution.
12 Nov 2021


LanzaTech is a biotech company developing gas fermentation technology to create valuable products - such as jet fuel and high-value chemicals - using waste gas streams. In November 2021, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr. Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Babette Pettersen, vice-president (Europe) at LanzaTech.
28 Oct 2021

What Is Required for a True Digital Transformation in Materials R&D?

Digital transformation is the buzzword in every sector; materials science and chemistry R&D is behind the curve but certainly no exception. The prospects are, of course, very attractive, but the reality far, far harder. This article looks at the status of this transformation, the enabling solutions, and those unresolved pain points.
14 Oct 2021

Blue Origin Completes Second Human Flight to Space and Back

Blue Origin successfully completed its second human spaceflight on board New Shepard. The flight included four astronauts, Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers, and William Shatner, as well as thousands of postcards from Blue Origin's foundation, Club for the Future.
22 Sep 2021

TOF Sensor for Patient Monitoring: Track Human Skeletal Movement

Omron engineers have worked hard to create long lasting and reliable sensing products for manufacturers and product designers. With continued growth of smart sensor demand within the touchless market and for the medical industry, Omron has continued improvements on their latest sensing product, the B5L Time of Flight sensor.
28 Jul 2021

OMRON B5L Time-of-Flight Sensor Module for Real-Time 3D Vision in AMR

Innovative technology continues to improve and advance the possibilities for autonomous mobile robots (AMR). To view the environment around them, AMRs often require multiple, high-accuracy sensors that can offer stable and reliable detection along with a long life and high durability in a range of environments.
14 Jul 2021

OMRON Touchless Sensors for Innovative Solutions

As a leading innovator in the realm of sensors and sensing products, Omron continues to develop solutions to best suit the growing needs of a touchless society. With Smart Home and Building, Internet of Things (IoT), and Healthcare in mind, Omron introduces the B5L Time of Flight Sensor and new versions of theB5W Light Convergent Sensor to meet the high demand.
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
19 Aug 2020


Cynora is a German company focused on the development of more efficient emissive materials for OLED displays primarily utilizing TADF rather than phosphorescence. This update article discusses developments at Cynora since our previous update in 2016.
13 Aug 2020