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30 Dec 2014

Wearable Technology, IoT- Insights and Top-Level Trends

In 2014, attention was focussed almost entirely on wearable technology WT for humans rather than the market less than one tenth of the size for wearable technology for animals. There was very rapid growth in manufacturers but there were no major blockbusters and products, strongest focus being on internet connected devices. Wild enthusiasm was rarely matched by achievement but there is substance here for the future. Unlike wearable technology, it is quite difficult to find the genuinely major new business in the IoT firmament. Everyone is claiming to be central to it to jump on the bandwagon, including Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC and RFID proponents. The Internet of People which consists of web-connected tablets, laptops, phones and wearables has often been conflated with it though IoP has completely different maturity, technology, application and challenges.
9 Sep 2014

Smart Wristwatches: Something Missing

Almost no one wants to wear more than one wrist-mounted device. In fact there has been some trend towards young people abandoning wristwatches because all those functions exist in their carried mobile phone. The trend in mobile phones has been to larger ones. The idea of that functionality being on your wrist goes completely against the trend.
28 Aug 2014

The $76bn wearable technology market and the new Timex smart watch

Analysts IDTechEx are unique in having six up-to-date reports with ten year forecasts on the wearable technology market.
21 Sep 2013


Clothing+ has been in business for more than 15 years and was a pioneer in the mass production of textile-based heart rate measurement systems. The company is divided in two business units: Sports and Medical. While Sports has grown faster recently, they expect that Medical will become the main part of the business in the longer term. In July 2015, they were acquired by Jabil Circuit.