Dr Isabel Al-Dhahir Alumni

Isabel Al-Dhahir is a Technology Analyst focusing on topics related to emerging photovoltaics and thin-film flexible electronics. Prior to joining IDTechEx, Isabel completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Materials Science at the University of Oxford. Isabel is based in London, UK.
Isabel graduated from Brown University (USA) in 2017 with honours in Chemistry. She subsequently pursued a Ph.D. in Materials Science at the University of Oxford, attaining her doctorate in 2021. Her Ph.D. research project focused on industrially attractive techniques to extrinsically passivate defects at the silicon surface for the development of high efficiency commercial solar cells. Isabel has been invited to speak about her doctoral research at international conferences and has contributed to several peer-reviewed publications.
Research Topics
Isabel works on emerging photovoltaics including the latest developments in thin film flexible technology, including perovskites, CIGS, and organic materials. Due to their lightweight supple design, thin film technology is of interest for the development of novel applications such as building-integrated devices and indoor energy harvesting.

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