Advanced High-Energy Capacitors For Efficient Energy Regeneration (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Dr Kenji Machida, Chief Researcher
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation


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Presentation Summary

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation has innovatively developed for next-generation capacitors to meet the market requirements. This presentation will cover advanced high-energy capacitors, Nano-Hybrid Capacitor, or 3rd Generation Capacitor. The 3rd Generation Capacitor consist of a unique nano-sized titanium oxide anode and a high rate-capacity cathode. This device has achieved for high energy density of 70 Wh L-1 maintaining capacitor-like characteristics, such as excellent input power and low temperature performances. This can be widely applied to energy regeneration systems with high efficiency.

Speaker Biography (Kenji Machida)

Kenji Machida is the Section Project Manager in Research Center of NIPPON CHEMI-CON. He received his PhD in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 2006. Current research focuses on new materials for advanced capacitors or organic solar cells.

Company Profile (Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation)

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Since its establishment in 1931, NIPPON CHEMI-CON has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Our brand nurtured by our customers along with the development of electronic industry is always on the cutting edge, having won the largest share of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors market in the world.
Taking advantage of many element technologies obtained from aluminum electrolytic capacitors production, Nippon Chemi-Con has been expanding its business field to multilayer ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, metal oxide varistors, and so on. Especially, high capacity electric double layer capacitor and high energy advanced capacitor have recently drawn the attention.
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