Scaling - Your Real IoT Challenge (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Mr Pilgrim Beart, CEO
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - DevicePilot*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - DevicePilot*

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Presentation Summary

Companies delivering IoT products for the first time will often naturally focus on the design and manufacture of the physical product, the software required to deliver the application, and the overall proposition. But after a successful "getting the bugs out" phase comes the real fun - scaling! The challenges encountered at this stage are completely different, and preparation for this phase can save lots of time, money and embarrassment. Pilgrim Beart is a serial technology entrepreneur whose previous venture AlertMe sold for $100m in 2015, having achieved a scale of millions of devices deployed. AlertMe is a connected home platform, which powers "Hive", one of the world's most successful connected-home offerings (out-sells Nest 10:1 in the UK). Pilgrim will share his experiences of scaling, and his thoughts about key factors to consider for successful scaling.

Speaker Biography (Pilgrim Beart)

Pilgrim Beart is a serial connected products entrepreneur, having founded companies including Antenova (billions of antenna systems shipped) and AlertMe (now known as Hive since its $100m acquisition in 2015, it's the UK's most successful Connected Home platform and has shipped millions of connected devices). Pilgrim is an IET Fellow and is now CEO of DevicePilot.

Company Profile (DevicePilot)

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DevicePilot enable connected product companies to deliver a great customer experience. A SaaS which allows monitoring and management from trials to scale, it's the essential component for successful IoT deployment in any market vertical.
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