Soft Fabric Strain and Pressure, Sensors and Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Prof Xiaoming Tao, Chair Professor of Textile Technology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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Presentation Summary

• Introduction
• Softceptor™ fabric strain sensors and sensing arrays for large repeated deformation under quasi-static and dynamic impacts
• Softceptor™ fabric pressure sensors and sensing arrays for human-machine interaction
• Application cases study
  • Intelligent footwear system for diabetes patients
  • In-situ strain measurement of ballistic impact
  • In-situ pressure measurement during car crash test
• Conclusions

Speaker Biography (Xiaoming Tao)

Prof. Tao is Chair Professor of Textile Technology at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineering and the Royal Society of Arts, Design and Commercial Applications. Prof Tao is the recipient of Honorary Fellowship of the Textile Institute, the highest individual international award in the field for distinguished achievements and contributions in advancement of science and technology in fibers and textiles.
Prof. Tao has conducted extensive research in intelligent fibrous materials, nanotechnology, photonic fibres and fabrics, wearable electronics and photonics, yarn manufacturing and textile composites. She founded the Nanotechnology Centre for Functional and Intelligent Textiles and Apparel in Hong Kong since 2004. She published five monographs and over six hundred scientific papers. Her publications were cited for more than four thousand times and she is one of the top 1% most cited material researchers in the world. Seven of her nineteen granted patents have been adopted and applied in the industry around the world. She is one of the founders of a technology company AdvanPro Ltd, who produces fiber-based electric sensors and sensing arrays under the trademark Softceptor™.

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