IDTechEx is looking for Technology Analysts - apply NOW

IDTechEx is looking for Technology Analysts - apply NOW
IDTechEx the leader in market research on emerging technologies is seeking high-calibre analysts to rapidly expand its operations globally.
You will be working with our international analyst team to help provide independent business intelligence, market analysis and business/strategy consulting in high-growth emerging technology areas. Please email with a CV and a short covering letter to apply.
"We are expanding our operations globally with a particular emphasis on Asia and the US. We are also investing heavily in developing top-class business intelligence on a range of new emerging technologies such as robotics. We are currently looking for bright and enthusiastic analysts to join our international team and become a part of our growth story", says Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, the Head of Consulting at IDTechEx.
Technology Analysts are the core of our company. They help acquire and develop our research globally and closely support our marketing and business development teams. The Technology Analyst role is a unique position in that it truly combines technology and business understanding.
"You will be working at the exciting interface of emerging technologies and business. You will learn the latest state-of-the-art technological developments as well as the business dynamics underpinning their potential commercialization. You will learn about what the end users really need and what the most innovative players in your field do. You will use your expertise and insight to inform and advise our clients", says Mr James Hayward, a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx.
IDTechEx is a global company. It has bases in Japan, Korea, UK and US and its hugely international team represents more than 15 nationalities. IDTechEx analysts regularly travel the world to meet clients and speak at international events.
"Technology develops rapidly all around the world and our customers are also global companies. The analysts therefore have to enjoy travelling extensively to learn the latest business intelligence on emerging technologies, to serve out clients globally and to help our business development teams in different regions", says Dr Harry Zervos, a Principal Analyst based in the US.
The technology areas that we cover are very diverse and each year we add more to our topics. This means that our analysts always remain fresh and get the opportunity to develop multiple domain expertise across a range of fields.
"Since joining IDTechEx I have had the opportunity to work on different novel topics, expanding both my knowledge and business intelligence in various fields, from printed electronics, thin and flexible batteries, RFID in China, to perovskite solar cells. This has been a challenging but exciting experience", says Dr Xiaoxi He, a Technology Analyst based in our Cambridge, UK office.
The role is also very client facing. We expect our analysts to become the number one analyst in their respective domains. This means that they have to the thought leaders in their fields and to become be extremely well-known internationally. Therefore, we expect our analysts to engage with a wide range of business development and market efforts.
"Since joining IDTechEx I have had to chance to speak at numerous conferences in Europe, US and Asia. I have gone to visit the main players in my field globally to develop robust relationships. I have presented to the management of top companies and been quoted by leading magazines like the Economist. I have even developed the leading conference in my topic both in the US and Europe. This is great because I am now connected with all the key decision makers in my field and I can call them with a question anytime I need to", says Mr Franco Gonzalez, a Senior Analyst at IDTechEx.
At IDTechEx we will also give you challenging and client facing roles from the very first moment. We believe that this will rapidly accelerate your learning curve.
"My first project was to assist with one of our most demanding consulting projects. I quickly had to learn how we operate and how to interact with our customers. Within three months of joining IDTechEx, I was flown out to our conference in California for an intensive week of learning about all the technologies that we cover, as well as meetings with many industry leaders. Since then I have had opportunities to write several market research reports, work with many of our best clients, and lecture at many conferences around the world", says Ms Rachel Gordon, a Technology Analyst.
To learn more about the job description please visit our website. Please do not hesitate to email me on if you have any further questions.