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21 Jan 2022

Agricultural Robots and Drones 2022-2032: Technologies, Markets & Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent and Yulin Wang
8 Nov 2021

Smart City Materials, Systems, Markets 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr David Wyatt
15 Aug 2020

Robotic fresh fruit picking: overview and players

This is the 6th article in our series of articles focused on agricultural robotics. In this brief article we consider the trends towards robotic harvesting (picking) of fresh fruits.
21 May 2020


Change in AI approach: the company previously had utilized hand crafted algorithm with no self learning. It has now changed approach. This is because AI is easier, more flexible, and can cover more situations.
15 Mar 2018

Agricultural robotics and drones: diversity of functions, forms

Our research, published in Agricultural Robots and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Markets and Players, describes how robotics is transforming the world of agriculture. Indeed, our previous articles have described agricultural robotics and drones could become a $28Bn and $35B industry by 2028 and 2038, respectively. In this article, we seek to demonstrate the diversity of functions, forms and fortunes that exists, and will continue to exist, in agricultural robotics.
19 Feb 2018

New Robotics and Drones 2018-2038: Technologies, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report:
26 Jan 2018

Agricultural robots and drones could become a $35Bn industry by 2038?

Robotic technology is quietly transforming the world of agriculture. In this article, we demonstrate how diverse this emerging industry is in terms of forms, functions and fortunes.
8 Jan 2018

Mobile robots: key to success lies in fleet productivity

Autonomous mobile robots are causing a paradigm shift in the way we envisage commercial and industrial vehicles.
16 Jun 2016

Harvest Croo

10 Jun 2016


IDTechEx Director of Research Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh recently interviewed Juan Bravo, CEO and Founder of Agrobot, a Spanish company focused on developing robotic strawberry harvesters.
Included are: