Ampaire is on a mission to be the world's most trusted developer of practical, compelling electric aircraft. The company is building commercial electric planes that are cleaner, quieter, and significantly less costly to operate.
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9 Jan 2024

DeltaHawk Engines

Ampaire is partnered with DeltaHawk on a project to deliver a hybrid aviation powertrain. Ampaire works on the electrical side while DeltaHawk's DHK180 will be the ICE base of the system.
16 Jun 2022

Ampaire, Black & Veatch to Collaborate on Electrified Aviation

Electric aircraft developer Ampaire and Black & Veatch - a leader in sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy and transportation electrification - will collaborate on developing airport electrification that supports tomorrow's electric aviation needs.
6 Apr 2021


Cuberg are US start-up developing lithium-metal batteries.
20 Nov 2019

Ampaire: Leading The Charge With Practical, Compelling Electric Aircraft

Ampaire, United States
9 Aug 2019

Manned Electric Aircraft: IDTechEx says Walk Before You Run

In the new IDTechEx report, "Manned Electric Aircraft 2020-2030" the analyst praises manufacturers such as Bye Aerospace for "walking before they try to run". Like Tesla with cars, they started with two-seater pure-electric vehicles and progressed to four - in this case, fixed-wing aircraft. Sales of these as air taxis and pilot trainers are booming with Bye alone attracting $165 million in business in about one year.
12 Jun 2019

Ampaire announces first public electric flight

Ampaire In announces the test flight of the Ampaire 337, the highest-capacity hybrid-electric aircraft ever flown.
15 Nov 2018

Transforming Regional Travel With 100% Electric Aircraft

Ampaire, United States