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BioSolar Inc
5 May 2022

Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea & Air 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Luke Gear, Dr Alex Holland, Dr James Edmondson and Shazan Siddiqi
13 Dec 2021

Advanced Li-ion and Beyond Lithium Batteries 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Trends, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland and Dr Xiaoxi He
23 Dec 2019

BioSolar Focused on Breakthrough Battery Technologies for EVs

BioSolar Inc plans to evolve its technology to become a larger scale developer of breakthrough battery technologies for the electric vehicle market.
31 Mar 2017

BioSolar Inc

BioSolar's target is to design Si-Alloy materials with a capacity density of 1000 mAh/cm3 and a cell level volumetric energy density of 1000 Wh/L
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2 Mar 2017

BioSolar focuses on driving down lithium-ion battery prices

BioSolar Inc, a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, has further described its plan to help drive down the cost of lithium-ion batteries.
25 Jan 2017

BioSolar reports progress on its high-energy anode material

BioSolar, Inc a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, has provided a progress report on the development of its high-energy anode material for next generation lithium batteries.
26 Jun 2015

BioSolar files patent for super battery technology

BioSolar, Inc has announced that it has jointly filed a patent application with the University of California, Santa Barbara.
11 Aug 2009

Breakthrough technology could reduce cost of photovoltaic solar cells

A team of scientists at US based company, BioSolar have developed a low cost bio-based material that could dramatically reduce the cost of photovoltaic cells.