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Bluestone Global Tech (BGT), established in 2011, is dedicated to the development of graphene technology with the ultimate goal of utilizing this "wonder material" to enhance our lives. BGT has pioneered the mass production of high-quality graphene enabling the commercialization of many graphene-enhanced applications such as advanced displays, flexible electronics, and energy storage materials.
BGT is partnering with industrial application developers around the world to commercialize graphene-based products. We also provide end-users, universities and R&D labs with our high-quality CVD graphene, silicon-graphene anode material and graphene oxide.
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Bluestone Global Tech
13 Jul 2022

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16 Nov 2014

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The graphene industry has witnessed much activity over the past year. This article will discuss the latest developments in the graphene industry and will share our ten-year market projections.
2 Apr 2014

Graphene Electronics: From Flexible Device to Radio and THz Frequency Applications

Bluestone Global Tech, United Kingdom
21 Nov 2013

Graphene Electronics: From Flexible Device to Radio and THz Frequency Applications

Bluestone Global Tech, United States
9 Oct 2013

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The transparent conductive film (TCF) and glass (TCG) market is booming and fast becoming transformed. This market is forecast to grow to $6.3 billion market in 2024.
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The Graphene LIVE! USA event has lined up top-class speakers for its business-orientated conference and tradeshow on graphene.
11 Sep 2013

University attracts major graphene manufacturer to Manchester

The decision by Bluestone Global Tech to locate their European production plant at the home of graphene could attract a significant number of jobs to the city.
28 Aug 2013

Graphene LIVE! USA set to become largest graphene tradeshow

Graphene LIVE! will take place on 20-21 November 2013 at Santa Clara, California.
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Bluestone Global Tech

Bluestone Global Tech is a promising graphene supplier. They mainly produce graphene using the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) route. They are however not a 'me too' supplier in that they can produce large-sized sheets and also reduce cost by using a dry transfer process. Their main challenge will however be that graphene is an under-performing and over-priced option in the crowded transparent conductive film business. To diversify risk, Bluestone Global Tech is also installing production capacity for reduced graphene oxide powdre.
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18 Apr 2013

Large-area Graphene: Commercial Readiness and Integration into Electronic Applications

Bluestone Global Tech, United States