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25 Nov 2022


Svante Inc. is a Canadian developer of adsorption technologies for carbon dioxide capture and removal, serving companies in emissions-intensive industries.
24 Nov 2022

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Markets 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report:
23 Nov 2022

A New Dawn for CCUS After Five Decades of Ups and Downs

The world is on a quest for solutions to decarbonize its economy. More than 70 countries and over 1,200 companies have set a net-zero target, according to the United Nations. To limit warming to less than 2°C, emissions of hundreds of gigatonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) would need to be prevented and removed from the atmosphere.
27 Sep 2022

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Markets 2023-2040: Technologies, Players, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
1 Aug 2022

Global Thermostat

29 Jul 2022

Carbon Engineering

repeatable, optimizable parts combined with economies of scale. CE is exploring multiple market verticals: CO{\2} utilization for enhanced oil recovery and for making e-fuels, as well as CO{\2} removal credits. This has allowed the company to make diverse partnerships and secure more large-scale projects than any other company in the DAC space. DAC in general presents benefits compared to other carbon removal approaches, such as few practical limits on scaling, relatively little land area use, and siting flexibility. Supported by leading investors in the climate and energy space, government agencies, and three of the world's largest energy companies — Occidental, BHP, and Chevron. Carbon Engineering DAC carbon removals present superior indicators such as additionality, permanence, efficient land use, and monitoring and verification, compared to other carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions such as reforestation/afforestation credits.
26 Jul 2022


Climeworks is a Swiss company developing a modular direct air capture (DAC) technology based on a solid adsorbent system.
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4 May 2022

Carbon Dioxide Utilization 2022-2042: Technologies, Market Forecasts, and Players

IDTechEx Report:
16 Nov 2021


Synhelion SA is a Swiss cleantech developing synthetic fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel) from concentrated solar heat, water, and carbon dioxide. In October 2021, IDTechEx technology analyst Dr. Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Carmen Murer, Head of Corporate Communication at Synhelion.
5 Nov 2021

Producing Carbon-Neutral Transportation Fuels From Sunlight and Air

Researchers have developed the process technology that can produce carbon-​neutral transportation fuels from sunlight and air. Now they demonstrate the stable and reliable operation of the solar mini-​refinery under real on-​sun conditions. And they show a way to introduce solar fuels to the market without additional carbon taxes.
22 Oct 2021

Coldplay's Next World Tour will be Net-Zero

Coldplay has announced its next world tour will have a net-zero carbon footprint and released a sustainability plan that includes direct-air carbon capture technology by Climeworks. The British band accompanied the announcement of its Music of the Spheres tour with a detailed list of environmental initiatives that it said would reduce carbon emissions by 50 per cent compared to its last tour.
25 Aug 2021

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) is a Canadian carbon tech company that incorporates carbon dioxide into waste powder feedstocks to make solid enhanced additives, primarily for concrete. In August 2021, Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke to CUT's Chief of Staff, Madison Savilow.
28 May 2021

Can Direct Air Capture Really Help in the Fight Against Climate Change

Carbon capture technology may be essential in helping the world in the fight against climate change, however, capturing CO2 from point sources not be enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. A potential solution is direct air capture (DAC) technology. Does DAC justify the excitement or is it doomed to fail?
27 Apr 2021

Innovation in Carbon Capture Technology

There are significant research efforts aiming to boost the effectiveness of CO2 capturing technology and facilitate deployment of what could be a vital technology in the fight against climate change.
22 Apr 2021

The Key Technologies for Winning the Fight Against Climate Change

Each year, April 22nd marks Earth Day, a worldwide event that aims to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement. To mark Earth Day 2021, here are some of the technologies that IDTechEx believes will be instrumental in winning the fight against climate change.
12 Feb 2021

Sustainable Alternative Fuels 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
9 Feb 2021

Consortium Launches Zenid - Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Air

The aviation industry is responsible for 3% of global manmade CO2 emissions and has the challenging objective to reduce these emissions in the next decade significantly. Unlike road transport, aviation cannot switch to electric or hydrogen propulsion yet and therefore depends on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). SAF purely made from air via direct air capture technology and renewable electricity offers a carbon-neutral solution suitable to meet the industry's high demands for renewable fuels in the future.
28 Jan 2021


Sunfire are a German manufacturer of solid-oxide-fuel-cells (SOFC) and solid-oxide-electrolysis-cells (SOEC).
3 Nov 2020

Carbon Engineering

Carbon Engineering is a Canadian clean energy company working to commercialise Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. In October 2020, IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Carbon Engineering CEO Steve Oldham.
15 Oct 2020


Climeworks is a Swiss company developing technology for capturing carbon dioxide from the air and is currently the world's only commercial direct air capture (DAC) company.
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