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Inside and on top material solutions by Fraunhofer ISC: industry-oriented technology package including profound analytics, materials development and processing as well as modern technology for upscaling and upgrading. We provide novel materials based on a wide range of functional coatings, inorganic materials, hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s), nanoparticles, composites and smart materials that can be functionalized according to customer demands.
We present wearable textile sensors, barrier films for flexible, printed electronics and OPV, material solutions for microoptics and electronics, adaptronic materials for actuators and energy harvesting, materials and components for thin flexible batteries, and 3D printing technologies on nano and micro scale.
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Fraunhofer ISC
27 May 2021

Lithoz GmbH

Lithoz GmbH is an Austrian-based company manufacturing and selling ceramics 3D printers and materials using their Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) technology. IDTechEx spoke with Isabel Potestio, Business Development & Sales Manager at Lithoz GmbH.
21 May 2019

Fusible and printable elastomer sensors for e-textiles

Integrating sensoric functions into textiles or elastomers is way more difficult than equipping machines because it requires movable or extensible sensors.
21 Jan 2019

Ynvisible and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft sign electrochromic agreement

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Europe's largest institution for applied research - and Ynvisible sign a MoU in the field of electrochromic inks and devices.
3 Jan 2019

Fraunhofer ISE

Scalable Perovskite Technology
11 Dec 2018

Novel color sensors are less expensive to manufacture

In the FOWINA project, researchers have developed novel color sensors with a special microlens arrangement. The sensors can be realized directly on the chip and combine multiple functions in a minimum of space.
12 Oct 2017

Biodegradable electronics

Under the direction of the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, an in-house Fraunhofer project for development of biodegradable electronics was begun last year.
7 Jun 2016

Smart shading system

A new smart shading system consisting of electrochromic elements - developed in the current EU project EELICON - can be retrofitted, for example, to car windows.
22 Apr 2016

Wearable Technology: Smart printed sensors monitor movement sequences

A novel transparent sensor material developed by Fraunhofer ISC enables movement measuring sensors to be printed onto textiles.
11 Mar 2016

Seven patents to develop cheaper lighting and flexible solar cells

n November 2012, the TREASORES project (Transparent Electrodes for Large Area Large Scale Production of Organic Optoelectronic Devices) started with the aim of developing technologies to dramatically reduce the production costs of organic electronic devices such as solar cells and LED lighting panels.
21 Dec 2015

Printed sensors: the key trends of 2015

As part of our coverage of printed electronics, IDTechEx has been following the development of printed and flexible sensors. In this article we look back at the most important trends of 2015.
16 Nov 2015

Fraunhofer ISC presents new textile-integrated sensors, IDTechEX 2015

Fraunhofer ISC, the leading European organization for applied research, will present its competence in wearable and flexible technology for medical devices and technical textiles at the IDTechEx Show! that takes place in Santa Clara from 18-19 November.
30 Oct 2015

Fraunhofer ISC enables wearable technology for medical devices

Fraunhofer ISC presents its competence in wearable and flexible technology for medical devices and technical textiles at the IDTechEX Show!, Santa Clara (USA) from 18th to 19th November 2015.
29 Apr 2015

Barrier Films for Technical Applications

Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Germany
21 Apr 2015

Innovative materials for future products

The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC will present multifunctional materials for new applications and novel products at the IDTechEx trade show in Berlin on 28 and 29 April.
31 May 2011

Flexible films for photovoltaics

Displays that can be rolled up and flexible solar cells - both are potential future markets. Barrier layers that protect thin-film solar cells from oxygen and water vapor and thus increase their useful life are an essential component.
27 Apr 2010

Printable sensors

The cellphone is switched off but immediately springs into action at the point of a finger. It is not necessary to touch the display. This touchless control is made possible by a polymer sensor affixed to the cellphone which, like human skin, reacts to the tiniest fluctuations in temperature and differences in pressure and recognizes the finger as it approaches.
14 Apr 2010

p-type TCO thin films by sol-gel processing

Fraunhofer ISC, Germany, Germany
24 Mar 2010

The truly integrated circuit is printed and flexible

For 40 years, so called integrated circuits have integrated little more than transistors, diodes and sensors onto one piece of material but now there are much more integrated circuits arriving where most electrical and electronic components are co-deposited on flexible substrates. Those flexible substrates are key, because this new electronics will be affordable and desirable on everything from apparel to human skin and electrical and consumer packaged goods, where surfaces are only rarely flat.
15 Mar 2010

Printing large batteries

170 years ago, Faraday appreciated the different electrical properties of nano gold over bulk metal in electrical devices, so applying nanotechnology to these things is scarcely new. However, the huge sums now being applied to improvement of lithium traction batteries in particular are now leading to work on a much larger scale and thin film technology, nanotechnology and printing are in increasingly important part of this.
11 Mar 2010

Lithium vehicle traction batteries and harvesting

The conference of about 40 people "Lithium Battery Technology and System Development" in London 9 March 2010 was concerned with "breaking barriers for electric vehicles".