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Parelec offers Total solutions for both the Passive and Active RFID markets. Parelec's Parmod® conductive ink enables us to offer partners and customers lowest-cost highest performance passive RFID antenna. This superior performance is due to the patented technology of Parmod® ink's higher conductivity and custom antenna designed to fit a customer's specific needs. We also have an Active RFID with our iLocate™ solution which enables us to offer partners and customers the lowest cost solution due to low infrastructure cost and smart active RFID solutions. We have the only two-way encrypted communications supporting tag on the market, 128bit EAS encryption for all wireless communication and less than 1 foot location accuracy combined with zone location in a single solution. We were established in 1996 and have offices in Princeton NJ and R&D centers in NJ and Israel. Our Certified Partner Program brings together printers, chip manufacturers and systems integrators to deliver the best Total RFID Solution in the market today!. The Parelec patented Parmod® inks are also very suitable for Membrane Touch Switches, Circuits, High Density Interconnects and Defroster/Heaters
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29 Oct 2013

The RFID Market and the Opportunity for Printed Electronics (I)

The market for RFID has grown steadily despite the economic meltdown due to the diverse nature of its applications from tagging retail apparel to transport ticketing to animals.
21 Jul 2008

Replacing printed silver with copper

The spot price of silver is up over 50% in the past 12 months and it continues to trend upward because silver supplies are falling fast while demand from China, India, Russia and Eastern Europe is climbing. As a reult, a lot of work is underway for alternatives.
2 Jul 2008

Breakthrough in metal ink cure: room temperature on cheap substrates

IDTechEx recently visited Novacentrix in Austin, Texas, to learn of their room temperature cure process.
3 Apr 2008

Soligie appoints printed electronics veterans

Soligie Appoints Printed Electronics Veterans Richard Morris & Mark Duarte to Lead Business Development & Sales.
10 Sep 2007

New Broadband UHF Labels with Printed Antennas

Although most UHF passive tag suppliers lose money, some spectacularly so, several are in it for the long haul and they continue to improve their products.
13 Jun 2007

Inorganic Printed Electronics - The Great Opportunity

The future $300 billion market for printed electronics is emerging via thin film electronics. The contribution of organic materials to this is greatly publicized but the best devices being developed usually rely on inorganic or combined inorganic/organic technology. The more select groups developing these inorganic materials and devices have a great future. IDTechEx has published the first study on Inorganic Printed and Thin Film Electronics. Here Dr Peter Harrop summarises some of the findings.
21 Feb 2007

Printing RFID antennas - what you need to know to get the lowest cost and highest yield

Parelec Inc, United States
6 Dec 2006

Printed Electronics – where will RFID fit in

1 Dec 2006

Printing RFID tag antennas

Parelec, Inc., United States
29 Nov 2006

Your ultimate guide to Manufacturing RFID

From inception to creating - all you need to know about manufacturing low cost high performance RFID
15 Nov 2006

Low Cost ACTIVE RFID, it is here today

Parelec Inc, United States
20 Sep 2006

Printing RFID tag antennas

Parelec Inc, United States
18 Aug 2006

Opportunities in Pharma RFID and Smart Packaging

RFID in healthcare is growing rapidly to become a $2.1 billion global business in 2016. Smart packaging for healthcare has additional value, for example, ensuring that people take the correct pills at the right time. RFID can improve the lives of patients in many different ways...
21 Apr 2006

The role of RFID labels for consumer applications

Parelec Inc, United States
29 Mar 2006

Low Cost RFID – a reality today!

Parelec Inc, United States
8 Dec 2005

Printed Electronics is Diversified

Parelec Inc, United States
21 Sep 2005

The low cost high speed route to RFID labels

Parelec Inc, United States
7 Jun 2005

Implementing RFID - Smart Labels Europe 2005

11 Nov 2004

Printing SmartLabels - Current and Future Trends

Parelec Inc, United States
13 Oct 2004

Advances in printing RFID smart labels

Parelec Inc., United States