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20 Nov 2020

Food and AgTech in 2020: An IDTechEx Perspective

2020 has been a challenging year for the food and agriculture industries, however, the crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has led to several opportunities in the global food and agriculture industry, particularly for alternative and novel food systems.
9 Oct 2020

Could Unlocking the Plant Microbiome Lead to a New Green Revolution?

Plants host complex communities of microbes, which can have a significant impact on crop yields and quality, both positively and negatively. Until recently, it was generally believed that almost all microbes were detrimental or neutral to plant life.
10 Sep 2020

Biologicals Could Break Synthetic Chemicals' Hold on World Agriculture

Global agriculture is facing some serious challenges over the next century, with decades of reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides beginning to take their toll. IDTechEx discusses how agricultural biologicals could be part of the solution to these challenges.
26 Aug 2020

Biostimulants and Biopesticides 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
28 Jul 2020

Feeding the World with Genetic Technologies: Technologies and Policies

Dr Michael Dent shares some of the research from the brand new IDTechEx report, "Genetic Technologies in Agriculture 2020-2030".
18 Jun 2020

Azotic Technologies

Azotic Technologies is a British start-up developing crop treatments based on nitrogen fixing bacteria. By using these bacteria as a biostimulant, farmers can increase their yields and reduce the need for environmentally damaging chemical fertilizers. In June 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Steve Pearson, Commercial Director at Azotic Technologies
4 Jun 2020

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
9 Apr 2020

Joyn Bio

Joyn Bio is a $100 million joint venture between chemicals giant Bayer and synthetic biology unicorn Ginkgo Bioworks. It is working to develop nitrogen fixing microbes that can be used to replace or supplement synthetic fertilisers.
9 Apr 2020

Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio is a Californian start-up that produces a nitrogen-fixing microbial treatment for corn crops. With $86.7 million in private funding, Pivot Bio is a major player in the emerging field of agricultural biologicals.
19 Jul 2018

Synthetic Biology 2018

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao